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Gun Policy News, 17 May 2010


17 May 2010

IRIN (UN News)

JUBA, Sudan - Southern Sudanese authorities have stepped up efforts to collect illegal weapons in Lakes State, but critics say the process is prone to abuse and has left some communities unprotected. "Disarmament is a good thing, but the style of doing it needs to be changed," said Madhang Majok, commissioner for Cueibet County, said. "The soldiers [deployed to collect the arms] were very rude. Local authorities were not involved." The state has become a prime... (

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17 May 2010

Canwest News Service (Canada)

The National Firearms Association of Canada is demanding access to an RCMP report that explains why a previously restricted rifle was suddenly reclassified as prohibited. Once merely restricted due to the length of its barrel, the Norinco Type 97A rifle was apparently deemed prohibited last year after it was found to be easily converted to an automatic weapon. The High Standard Model 10B shotgun also went from being a restricted firearm to a prohibited weapon with... (

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17 May 2010

CBC News (Canada)

The recent confiscation of a formerly legal firearm has raised questions about how the RCMP inspects imported firearms and has forced a change of national firearms policy. The RCMP will be physically checking every assault-style rifle that enters the country from now on. Before the change, verifiers were used to check to make sure the guns are what the exporter said they would be. Verifiers could be anyone with knowledge of firearms and were given a one-day course... (

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17 May 2010

Reason (USA)

Months before he loaded his SUV with propane tanks and fireworks and drove to Times Square, police say, Faisal Shahzad went to a firearms store and bought a rifle. It was found in his other car at Kennedy Airport, where his name showed up on the no-fly list in time to keep him from escaping. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), is one of many people wondering why a suspected terrorist can be barred from flying but not from purchasing a gun. It "defies common sense," he... (

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17 May 2010

Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON — Mark Snyder, an amateur biathlete, wanted to buy a .22-caliber bolt-action rifle for target shooting and figured the process would take about a week. After nearly six weeks, six visits to police departments and $300 in fees, he secured his rifle. "I was not expecting a free ride," said Mr. Snyder, 45, "but this is an obstacle course they put in place." The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the District of Columbia's 32-year ban on handguns in 2008, a... (

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17 May 2010

Newsweek (USA), Blog

The Mexican military has discovered a major training camp run by the notorious Zetas drug cartel and stocked with an arsenal of military weapons, including 140 semi automatic assault rifles and 10,000 rounds of ammunition — all of them believed to be purchased in the United States, U.S. law enforcement officials tell Declassified. The discovery last week of the training camp in the town of Higueras, just 70 miles south of the U.S. border in the state of Nuevo León,... (

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17 May 2010

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin)

A prominent gun rights advocate charged in a May 9 homicide seemed impatient with others in the so-called open carry movement when he announced his intentions on a message board two years ago. "I've noticed that there seems to be no one in Milwaukee willing to get OC (open carry) started, but I was never one to wait for others," wrote Jesus C. Gonzalez, using the screen name Parabellum, from the Latin phrase that means, "If you seek peace, prepare for war." Last week,... (

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17 May 2010

SEESAC / Vecernje Novosti (Belgrade)

BANJALUKA – In Republika Srpska, every person aged 21 and over, who undergoes the procedures laid down by the Law on weapons and ammunition of RS can buy and possess a weapon for around 1,000 km. This price includes both the acquisition of a weapon and all the formalities and training for the use of weapons. For the acquisition of hunting and sports weapons one must be 18 and pay around 2,000 km. The law requires that pistols and rifles may be acquired by the... (

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