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Gun Policy News, 13 May 2010

Afrique du Sud

13 May 2010

Telegraph (UK)

Abraham Mabaso, from Vereeniging, south of Johannesburg, had been brandishing a plastic toy gun during an after school game with his neighbour Edgar Monyela, but police believe the older boy had been holding his father's 9mm pistol and accidentally discharged it. Abraham's mother Sibongile Mabaso, 34, heard the gunshot and rushed to find her son dead on the grass in her front garden. Police spokesman Captain Shado Mashobane said the incident was a "terrible... (

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13 May 2010

Vanguard (Lagos)

ABUJA - Presidential Adviser on Niger Delta and National Co-ordinator of the Post- Amnesty Programme, Mr. Timi Alaibe, has blamed the lull in the implementation of the programme on lack of proper planning before the announcement of the amnesty, given the fact that the nation was faced with a major crisis in the Niger Delta, at the time. "We experienced some sort of delay in the programme because there was no structure on ground, no concrete plan document because we... (

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13 May 2010

WBAY-TV (Wisconsin)

Winnebago and Outagamie are two of four counties in the state being used for a firearms surrender pilot program. Both counties received grant money from the state Office of Justice Assistance to test the program for about a year. It's a law that's been on the books for years but is rarely enforced. "Whenever there is a domestic abuse restraining order, the respondent is required to surrender any firearms in their possession," Winnebago County Court Commissioner David... (

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13 May 2010

News Record (New Jersey)

LIZABETH, New Jersey — Democratic city council candidate Lester Dominguez is calling for tougher gun laws to prevent illegal handguns and other weapons from making their way onto city streets. Dominguez said weak federal gun laws that allow illegal weapons to flow into New Jersey, are a major contributor to violent crimes that have made headlines throughout the state. The Fifth Ward Democrat, who is running with the Column B Democrats for Change, said a roundtable... (

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13 May 2010

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

Taking direct aim at controversial gun legislation just passed by the Georgia General Assembly, a New Jersey senator has introduced a bill that would expand federal regulations on guns in airports. Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg's "Firearm-Free Airports Act" would make it illegal to carry a firearm into any non-federally regulated area of an airport, including the lobby, baggage claim and ticket counter areas. The bill would counter legislation passed by the General... (

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