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Gun Policy News, 12 May 2010


12 May 2010

Monitor (Kampala)

LUWEERO/KAMPALA — The Army yesterday began destroying 250 tonnes of weapons in a one-week exercise that officials say will help rid the country of "unwanted war materials". Lt. Joram Kabagambire, the Air Defence spokesperson, said the weapons are landmines, assault rifles, bullets, and bombs captured from former rebels, Karimojong cattle rustlers and other criminals - plus expired stock in armory of security forces. "We destroyed some three tonnes which was basically... (

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Sénégal,Afrique occidentale,Gambie,Guinée,Guinée Bissau

12 May 2010

Afrique en ligne

DAKAR, Senegal - The Movement against Light Weapons in West Africa (MALA0), in partnership with civil society organizations, among them Présence chrétienne and SOS Equilibre, on Monday in Dakar, the Senegalese capital, launched a week-long action against armed violence. The 10-16 May initiative, launched for the first time in 2001, aims at stopping the proliferation and the excessive use of small arms in the world. The initiative will also sensitize and campaign for... (

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12 May 2010

Explorer (Arizona)

An ordinance the Oro Valley Town Council passed in March has come under fire. The law banned the use of pneumatic guns like paintball, pellet or potato guns. The law also disallows the use of Airsoft guns, a firearm similar to a BB gun that fires plastic projectiles. The ban includes the discharge of such firearms except for target practice on private property. "These things can't even break a window at point-blank range," Lee Souter told the council at the May 5... (

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12 May 2010

Morning Call (Pennsylvania)

Wilson officials waded into a heated statewide debate over gun control Monday by passing an ordinance that requires residents to report lost or stolen firearms to police within 72 hours. The law is designed to target "straw purchasers" - people who legally buy guns at a store, traffic them to felons who cannot legally buy guns themselves, and then later claim to police that the guns were lost or stolen. "Someone can just go get guns for anyone," Borough Council... (

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