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Gun Policy News, 10 May 2010


10 May 2010

London Free Press (Ontario), Opinion

There was palpable glee among gun-control activists as three big-ticket police groups stood shoulder to shoulder to defend the long-gun registry. Wonderful! How could the gun nuts, hunters' lobby and various other hayseeds (the "less enlightened in the Conservative caucus," sniffed one editorial) maintain their retrograde stance now? After all - thus goes the calculus - cops are conservative de facto, because they carry guns themselves, wear crisp uniforms and protect... (

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Nations Unies,Inde

10 May 2010

City News (Pakistan) / NNI

Each year around the world, 500,000 people are killed directly with conventional weapons and many more are injured, abused, forcibly displaced and bereaved as a result of armed violence. An Indian Civil Society urging for an International Arms Trade Treaty to stop the inflow of illegal small arms and light weapons in India said: "Around 58,000 Indians died due to armed violence in the last 15 years. The highest casualties have been reported from India's Northeast... (

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10 May 2010

Sacramento Bee (California), Editorial

A surprised Tom Campbell uttered: "Oh, my goodness." Truer words could not have been spoken. During last week's debate among the three Republicans seeking to unseat U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, a questioner asked whether people on the U.S. no-fly list, also known as the terrorist watch list, should be entitled to buy guns. Campbell, the first to answer, put it perfectly: "No." Next up was Chuck DeVore, who said people on the terrorist watch list have a Second Amendment... (

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10 May 2010

Associated Press

The grizzly took Jerry Ruth by surprise, bursting from thick brush and biting his jaw almost completely off. On the ground and barely able to see, Ruth grabbed his .41 Magnum-caliber revolver and started shooting. The third bullet pierced the bear's heart and spinal cord, killing it from 25 feet. "I'm glad I was armed with a firearm and I'm glad I was able to shoot straight," said Ruth, attacked last July 19 a couple miles from his home not far from Yellowstone... (

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10 May 2010

Arizona Republic

A federal firearms-identification database used to solve Phoenix murders could soon be expanded to other Valley cities if detectives are approved for a grant. The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network database, which catalogues weapons and helps investigators link evidence from multiple crime scenes, is touted as key technology in a major metropolitan area. Shootings in Phoenix spill into other communities and vice versa. Phoenix police enter more than... (

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10 May 2010

Boston Herald

Machine gun ownership in the Bay State is booming, while a bill to tighten ownership and outlaw full-auto free-for-alls like the one that killed an 8-year-old boy two years ago is jammed on Beacon Hill. Gov. Deval Patrick's bill, "An Act to Reduce Firearm Violence," is a controversial overhaul of the state's gun laws that would limit firearm purchases to one per month and ban anyone who is not a cop or the licensed owner from holding a machine gun. The Bay State may... (

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