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Gun Policy News, 4 May 2010


4 May 2010

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

Military observers are marvelling at a British sniper, revealed this week to have killed two Taliban fighters from a mountain perch 2.47 kilometres away. The story of these shots is being heard around the world as a feat of marksmanship without parallel in history. Sadly, the news also puts an end to some national bragging rights: Until now, the Canadian Forces had claimed the world's best sniper shot. In 2002, when the Afghanistan war was still in its infancy,... (

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4 May 2010

Charlottesville News & Arts (Virginia)

As of July 1, any public elementary school in Virginia that opts to teach gun safety will need to know the name of Eddie Eagle, 22-year-old mascot of the National Rifle Association's GunSafe Program. However, at least one school in Albemarle County has known his name for years. The General Assembly recently approved a version of House Bill 1217, which allows local school boards to offer gun safety programs in elementary schools so long as they reinforce the policies of... (

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4 May 2010

Advertiser (Adelaide)

Police are conducting forensic tests on a home-made pistol that went off and accidentally shot a road worker near Gumeracha in the Adelaide Hills. In a bizarre chain of events, two road workers unearthed a pillow case with a heavy object inside as they dug holes for safety barriers alongside the Gumeracha to Birdwood Rd about 10.30am. The men then took the package to their truck and, as one unwrapped it, the semi-automatic pistol inside discharged, leaving his... (

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