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Gun Policy News, 22 March 2010


22 March 2010

Daily Nation (Nairobi)

NAIROBI — Retired soldiers and police officers have offered to help recover illegal firearms in banditry-prone northern Kenya. Kenya Veterans for Peace chief executive officer John Mathenge said members were willing to work with the provincial administration and other security agencies to collect intelligence crucial in the dismantling of small arms cartels in the country. Mr Mathenge told a peace conference in Nakuru that involvement of veterans in disarmament... (

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22 March 2010

Manila Bulletin

Fake permits to carry firearms are proliferating particularly in the country's airports and seaports despite the Commission on Elections-imposed nationwide gun ban in connection with the May 10, 2010 elections. Chief Superintendent Joey Yuchongco of the Customs Police, said security officers elevated the alert in all the airports and seaports nationwide following the rampant falsification of gun ban exemption documents. "We have directed our district commanders to... (

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22 March 2010

Robesonian (North Carolina)

FAIRMONT — An 8-year-old student was suspended Tuesday after bringing a loaded gun to Rosenwald Elementary School, according to Superintendent Johnny Hunt. The boy initially received a 10-day suspension, which will be extended to 365 days as mandated by state law. The incident occurred "first thing" Tuesday morning or around 8 a.m., said Walter Jackson, assistant superintendent of Administration and Technology for the Public Schools of Robeson County. The child was... (

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22 March 2010

Sun (UK)

A wife blasted her husband in the heart with a shotgun as he lay in bed - after she woke him in the middle of the night so he could see her pull the trigger. Helen Lawson, 61, let rip with both barrels after she fetched the weapon from the attic and stood over him calling out his name: "Geoffrey." His last words were: "Oh, Helen - no!" The alcoholic's fed-up wife then phoned police to tell them: "I've just shot my husband - it was not an accident." Cops raced to the... (

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22 March 2010

Associated Press

PLACEVILLE, California - Authorities say a man who fatally shot another motorist in California before turning the gun on himself appears to have targeted a stranger in a road rage incident. The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office says 36-year-old Jenson Kohutek had some conflict with 49-year-old Jack Larson while driving in the Somerset area of Placerville, which is 40 miles east of Sacramento. After their two vehicles eventually crashed, Kohutek allegedly shot Larson,... (

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22 March 2010

Time (USA)

A typical frustration at Starbucks is when the guy next to you is hogging the electrical outlets. But what if he openly wore a gun, like someone lost from a Clint Eastwood set? What would you do: take a seat next to him or get that cappuccino to go? The patrons of at least five Starbucks locations in California's Bay Area have faced this dilemma in recent weeks. Gun owners have walked into various Starbucks -- including in liberal enclaves like San Francisco, San Jose... (

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22 March 2010

New York Times Magazine

Starbucks has lately found itself in the middle of a debate between advocates of "open carry" gun rights and of gun control; the former have held armed meet-ups at several of its locations, and the latter have demanded that the coffee chain prevent this from happening. Seeking to duck these fresh salvos in the long debate over how firearms fit into American life, the company has issued a statement that such matters ought to be worked out "in the legislatures and courts,... (

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