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Gun Policy News, 16 March 2010


16 March 2010

Vancouver Sun

Experts say nothing in Canadian law would have stopped David Lloyd Burns from owning guns, even though he had been convicted of stabbing a man to death in the 1970s in a fight over spilled beer. The 54-year-old former Manitoban walked into Great West Chrysler on Friday morning, shot and killed one colleague, critically wounded another and then killed himself, witnesses say. The shooting happened 36 years and four days after Burns stabbed to death 18-year-old Garvin... (

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16 March 2010

Edmonton Journal (Alberta)

In 1974, a teenager named Dave Burns got into a fight with another teen outside a Winnipeg social club. The brawl ended brutally, when Burns, 19, pulled a switchblade knife and stabbed his opponent through the heart. Burns was originally charged with murder, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to four years. He served his time. He learned a trade, raised a son, married, divorced, and remarried. From the outside, he looked like a kid who'd made a... (

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16 March 2010

CD-98.9 News Center (Ontario)

A Delhi man has been given a conditional discharge after he pleaded guilty to careless storage of firearms. This morning, a Simcoe courtroom heard OPP were called to his home in June for a possible domestic situation. While inside the home, OPP found several guns, some unlocked and without trigger locks and others that were not registered. The man's lawyer claimed the unregistered guns were in fact registered but under the old government system. The man was given... (

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16 March 2010

CBS News (USA)

FORT WORTH, Texas - When some Tarrant County College students staged a protest for the right to carry licensed, concealed handguns, they didn't realize it would turn into a three-year fight over empty gun holsters. The college said it didn't want students wearing the empty holsters on campus. The school was afraid other students might think there were guns inside the holsters or that some students might use the occasion to bring guns to campus. As a safety precaution,... (

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