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Gun Policy News, 13 March 2010


13 March 2010

Vancouver Sun

EDMONTON, Albarta - One Edmonton police officer who sped to the scene of shooting in the city's west-end Friday morning arrived to find her husband was among the dead. By the time police reached the Great West Chrysler dealership, the shooting had stopped and two men lay dead. One has been identified as Dave Burns, a disgruntled employee who had recently been suspended from his job. The other was the car dealership's parts manager, Garth Radons, the husband of an... (

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13 March 2010

WSMV-TV News (Nashville)

NASHVILLE, Tennessee - You may not know Leonard Embody's name, but you might know his recent troubles with the law and guns. "I'm a private person," Embody said. "I didn't want to be in the spotlight. I didn't want my name in the news reports." Embody's name and story have been appeared in news reports and online blogs for months. He was thrust into the media spotlight last December when he carried an AK-47-type pistol into Radnor Lake State Park. "It wasn't modified... (

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13 March 2010

Toronto Sun (Ontario)

BELEVILLE, Ontario – A Belleville man has been charged formally in the shootings of three women has been remanded into police custody. The shooting's lone surviving victim, meanwhile, remains in serious condition in hospital. Dean Brown, 18, was remanded into custody Saturday morning. The hearing was conducted via video link between the undisclosed Ontario Provincial Police detachment where he was being held and a justice of the peace in Kingston, police said. He... (

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13 March 2010

Associated Press

CHARLESTON, West Virginia - New York City has sent out undercover investigators to catch gun dealers violating background check laws. But West Virginia lawmakers want to make it a crime for investigators to conduct such sting operations in West Virginia. The Legislature passed a measure Saturday that targets anyone who tries to entice a firearms dealer or private seller under circumstances that the individual knows is unlawful. The bill addresses a tactic employed by... (

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