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Gun Policy News, 11 March 2010

Corée du Nord

11 March 2010

ChoSun Ilbo (Seoul)

Curbing North Korea's illicit arms trade is difficult since the renegade country launders containers carrying weapons three or four times, a defector who was in charge of illicit arms deals told the Chosun Ilbo on Monday. The defector revealed that a factory in Jagang Province, which is believed to produce tractors, is the center of the communist country's weapons production, including chemical warheads. The defector, who is under police protection, did not want his... (

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11 March 2010

Deutsche Welle

During a moving ceremony remembering the victims of last year's school shooting in the town of Winnenden, President Horst Koehler on Thursday said Germany's gun laws were still too lenient. The German government had pledged to take measures to prevent access to dangerous weapons last year. "Both houses of parliament and the governments of all German states must bring the process of toughening our gun laws forward," Koehler said in front of hundreds of mourning... (

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11 March 2010

New Vision (Kampala)

KAMPALA — The UPDF has refuted claims by the Amuria district chairperson, Julius Ochen, that the Arrow Boys in Teso still have illegal arms. The division army spokesperson, Capt. Henry Obbo, said the guns are from the former Uganda People's Army. He said when the Arrow Boys were disbanded, district leaders were told to register them, including deserters, to receive payment. "The local leaders assembled about 7,000 Boys and declared that was all, which figures... (

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11 March 2010

Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio - An Ohio State University janitor was armed with two handguns and more than 50 rounds of ammunition when he walked into a campus maintenance shop and shot two supervisors before killing himself, police said Thursday. Nathaniel Brown, 50, who had recently received a bad job evaluation and was upset over his pending dismissal, fired nine times Tuesday morning, deputy chief Richard Morman said. Police still aren't certain of Brown's motive, though they... (

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11 March 2010

Boston Globe

In a case that drew attention from the Gun Owners Action League and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the Supreme Judicial Court yesterday upheld a state law requiring trigger locks on guns kept in people's homes. In what was seen by some as a victory for law enforcement and advocates of gun control, the state's highest court ruled that the Second Amendment does not restrict the right of Massachusetts to impose its own rules on gun ownership. "We conclude that... (

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11 March 2010

New York Times, Editorial

After serious setbacks to sensible gun control, the top court in Massachusetts on Wednesday made it clear that the Second Amendment does not bar states from protecting children and others against the risk posed by unsecured guns in the home. The unanimous ruling by the state's Supreme Judicial Court upheld the constitutionality of a state law that requires guns to be kept in a locked container or equipped with a trigger lock when not under the owner's control. The law... (

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