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Gun Policy News, 8 March 2010


8 March 2010

Jakarta Post

The National Police said Monday it had arrested two gun dealers for supplying weapons to terrorists in Aceh. National Police chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri said one supplier was arrested in West Java and another in Jakarta. He said police would divulge the identity of the two suppliers and how they obtained their weapons later. Bambang vowed to continue cracking down on terrorism despite the fact three of his officers were killed in recent raids against... (

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8 March 2010

ABS-CBN News (Manila)

MANILA - The Philippine National Police on Monday said a total of 160 government employees have violated a nationwide gun ban since it was implemented last January 10. A PNP report said law enforcers have arrested a total of 1,294 gun ban violators including 1,134 civilians and 160 government employees. Seized during the period were 1,117 firearms, 798 airguns/replicas, 304 bladed weapons and 218 grenades or explosives. Commission on Elections Resolution 8714 issued... (

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8 March 2010

Washington Post, Column

WASHINGTON — It is said, more frequently than precisely, that the reasons the Supreme Court gives for doing whatever it does are as important as what it does. Actually, the court's reasons are what it does. Hence, the interest in the case the Supreme Court considered last week. It probably will result in a routine ruling that extends a 2008 decision and renders dubious many state and local gun control laws. What could — but, judging from the justices' remarks... (

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8 March 2010

New York Times

For years, being able to carry a concealed handgun has been a sacred right for many gun enthusiasts. In defending it, Charlton Heston, the actor and former president of the National Rifle Association, used to say that the flock is safer when the wolves cannot tell the difference between the lions and the lambs. But a grass-roots effort among some gun rights advocates is shifting attention to a different goal: exercising the right to carry unconcealed weapons in the 38... (

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8 March 2010

Sunday Times (UK)

WASHINGTON - It is not exactly Gunfight at the OK Corral -- more like Lattes at High Noon -- but the Starbucks coffee chain has become an unlikely battleground for US gun owners campaigning to carry their weapons openly in public. Last Thursday morning, Jim Snyder walked into a Starbucks cafe in Virginia and ordered a tall hot chocolate without cream. On his left hip was his mobile phone. On his right hip was a semi-automatic Browning pistol. "I don't see why I... (

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8 March 2010

Associated Press

DALLAS - A gunman apparently angry over business dealings wounded a father and son at their financial services company inside an office building Monday, then shot himself as police closed in, authorities said. The gunfire at about 10:30 a.m. created a frightening, grisly scene at the 15-story building, with one of the injured men making his way down an escalator with blood gushing from his neck and scared bank employees and customers locking themselves in... (

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8 March 2010

Chicago Sun-Times

Mayor Daley today unveiled his annual package of gun control legislation and denied he's "swimming upstream" at a time when the U.S. Supreme Court has signaled its intention to overturn Chicago's handgun ban. Most of the ideas are re-treads, but there are a few new wrinkles. They include a proposal to make it a mandatory Class 1 felony to "knowingly sell or transfer a gun to a known gang member." Daley also wants to strengthen penalties for unlawful use of a weapon so... (

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8 March 2010

Scripps Howard News Service (USA)

The U.S. boss of a violent Mexican drug cartel who admitted ordering a hit on someone who ran afoul of him has been a busy man since authorities nabbed him and 34 kilograms of his cocaine at the border. He's traveled to Williamsport, Pa., to accompany his son on a Little League baseball trip. He's attended his sister's graduation from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. He's vacationed with his family in Panama City, Fla. He's trekked to Las Vegas twice, once... (

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8 March 2010

Chicago Tribune

Flanked by several parents who had lost children to gun violence, Mayor Richard Daley on Monday called for new laws to restrict gun sales and stiffen penalties for criminals who use them. Although Daley announces new gun-control initiatives every year, this year's announcement took on added significance because the U.S. Supreme Court is weighing whether to overturn the city's handgun ban. "The aggressiveness of the gun advocates is just one reason it's more important... (

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