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Gun Policy News, 7 March 2010


7 March 2010

Sydney Morning Herald

A process hailed as DNA for guns has helped to clear up many crimes that would otherwise remain unsolved. The NSW Police Force has lifted the lid on its integrated ballistics identification system (IBIS) which has just scored it 350th "cold hit". IBIS is an electronic database of bullets and cartridge cases collected from crime scenes or seized firearms. Using state-of-the-art lasers and microscopes, it scans the unique markings on every surface. A cold hit is... (

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7 March 2010

Associated Press

COMMERCE, Texas - A man walked into a Walmart in Texas carrying at least two guns before engaging in a shootout with police outside the store, authorities said. The man was killed and an off-duty officer in the store who had tried to stop him was injured. The incident in the east Texas city of Commerce began when police received a call of shots being fired from a car in nearby Greenville, about 50 miles northeast of Dallas, said City of Commerce spokeswoman Marty... (

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7 March 2010

San Francisco Chronicle

WASHINGTON - Gun-control advocates think, if not pray, they can win by losing when the Supreme Court decides whether the constitutional right to possess guns serves as a check on state and local regulation of firearms. The justices will be deciding whether the Second Amendment - like much of the rest of the Bill of Rights - applies to states as well as the federal government. It's widely believed they will say it does. But even if the court strikes down handgun bans... (

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7 March 2010

Observer (Kampala)

Mean looking AK-47 toting Police constables will soon disappear from the streets as the force moves to introduce sidearm pistols, the universally accepted weapons in modern policing. The Inspector General of Police, Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura, told a press conference at the Police Headquarters in Kampala on Friday that the change of weapons was part of a broader plan to transform the Police from a force into a service. "We should not be carrying assault rifles on the... (

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7 March 2010

WDAY-6 TV News (North Dakota)

GRAND FORKS, North Dakota - A Saturday night turned dangerous for a UND student after he accidentally shot himself in the leg. Law enforcement and weapon experts say this brings to light a very important issue: gun safety. Yesterday, authorities responded to a 9-1-1 call that a U-N-D student had shot themselves on U-N-D property. The student had purchased the gun earlier that day form the Grand Forks gun show which is a lengthy process. Demund Windham/Weapons Expert:... (

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7 March 2010

Sunday Business Post (Ireland)

The Department of Justice took four months to inform the Department of the Environment about a major error in its new firearms licensing system. The justice department has already confirmed that it accidentally omitted a declaration on the new licence which permits gun-owners to hunt legally in the state. The mistake means holders of the new licence who shot protected animals during the recently-closed hunting seasons for wildfowl and other game may have done so... (

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