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Gun Policy News, 23 August 2009


23 August 2009

Jakarta Globe

The Navy has increased its security presence along maritime borders and joined hands with counterparts in neighboring countries to prevent the smuggling of arms by militant groups, a top officer said on Sunday. "The maritime patrols are meant as an early detection against terror threats," Navy Chief Adm. Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno said. He said patrols were being stepped up on the maritime border with the Philippines, with which Indonesia has signed a border security... (

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23 August 2009

USA Today

HOUSTON — Ann Zarate may be one of the most unlikely players to be swept up in Mexico's unrelenting drug war. The 24-year-old native of Texas' Rio Grande Valley is described by her attorney Jodi Goodwin as a "quiet, super sweet" woman who ultimately could not resist the promise of easy money for precious little work. Zarate was sentenced earlier this year to 10 months in federal prison as a buyer in a gun-trafficking ring that delivered 77 weapons to Mexico's... (

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23 August 2009

Los Angeles Times

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — This conservative city is taking an unusual, some might say extreme, step to try to stem its fiscal woes: It's entering the gun business. The Colorado Springs City Council is expected in coming weeks to approve the final details of a program that would allow the Police Department to sell confiscated firearms to federally licensed gun dealers. Police have already stopped melting down the hundreds of guns they collect from crime scenes,... (

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23 August 2009

New York Times, Column

"It is time to water the tree of liberty" said the sign carried by a gun-toting protester milling outside President Obama's town-hall meeting in New Hampshire two weeks ago. The Thomas Jefferson quote that inspired this message, of course, said nothing about water: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." That's the beauty of a gun — you don't have to spell out the "blood." The protester was a nut. America has... (

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23 August 2009

Star-Ledger (New Jersey), Column

There are two universes of American gun culture. In one universe, the Second Amendment is a stanchion of protected American freedoms, as sacred as free speech. In this universe, when the right to bear arms dies, so does a free America. In another universe, guns make blood run in our city streets. They kill and maim criminals and innocent alike, make good people prisoners in their own homes. Last week in New Jersey, it wasn't hard to visit both universes. At the... (

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23 August 2009

Grand Rapids Press (Michigan)

EVART — When Rudolph Tuten and his wife heard machine guns firing near their home July 18, they did not expect the bullet that hit the side of the garage. "We thought the war was over here," said Tuten, who was standing in the backyard when a bullet pierced the vinyl siding. "All of a sudden: Kaboom! It could have killed someone. " The bullet came from a shooting demonstration more than a mile away on a farm owned by Kent County Commissioner Dean Agee, R-Grand... (

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23 August 2009

Associated Press

HELENA, Montana — Gun owners worried that a bad economy could lead to increased violence and suspicious that new stricter gun laws are on the horizon are rushing in record numbers to get concealed weapons permits. From Washington state to Florida, state officials say more people are deciding to pack heat. In some cases, states are reporting a near doubling in the number of concealed carry permits. The firearms industry has seen a big jump in sales and interest... (

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Ghana,Afrique occidentale

23 August 2009

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

Ghana will host the sub-regional ECOWAS Small Arms Programme (ECOSAP) in Accra on Monday. The two-day programme will identify armed violence reduction projects in member states. The Accra meeting will also update, review and plan National Commission (NATCOM) activities in line with benchmarks that have been set in the past. In a statement, ECOSAP Policy, Advocacy and Communication Officer, Oluwafisan Bankale, said the meeting seeks to build the capacity of civil... (

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