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Gun Policy News, 26 November 2008


26 November 2008

ABC Radio Australia (Shortwave)

There has been a call for the government of Bougainville and the international community to do more to deal with the gun issue in the south of the autonomous PNG region. Three residents of south Bougainville involved in peace-building work in the region have told a seminar at the Australian National University in Canberra the south is being traumatised by the weapons culture. Unresolved conflicts from the region's civil war and the breakdown of traditional authority... (

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26 November 2008

BBC News

HOUSTON, Texas — In a quiet side street not far from where the Texas freeway system knits the sprawling suburbs of Houston into something like a city centre, business is booming at the Top Gun shooting range. Recession is not biting here in the oil-rich Energy Capital of the World as it is in the rest of the United States — but that is not the only reason why it is difficult to find a parking space outside Top Gun towards the end of the working day. America's... (

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26 November 2008

Detroit Free Press / Outdoors, Column

The extreme gun nuts, who think the Bill of Rights is limited to the Second Amendment, are panicked that a Barack Obama administration is going to take their firearms rights away. And the ignorant idealists who see guns as the root of all evil are hoping he will. That's not going to happen, although Obama might throw a sop to the idealists by pushing for some changes that will have no effect on 99% of the people who own guns. Most of the idealists don't know what they... (

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26 November 2008

Daily Local (Pennsylvania)

When Barack Obama became the president-elect earlier this month, there were two distinct reactions in the world of firearms. One reaction was cheering and praise, which came from those who support stricter gun laws. "We have a very sane, a very intelligent person in the White House now who understands how to protect everyone's rights in this county," said Barbara Montgomery, president of the Brady Campaign's Pennsylvania Chapter of the Million Mom March. "We're very... (

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26 November 2008

Associated Press

COLUMBIA, South Carolina — TVs and laptops won't be the only hot items in South Carolina this Black Friday. The state is offering an unusual perk to shoppers: no sales tax on handguns, rifles and shotguns. The so-called "Second Amendment Weekend" is thanks to a little-debated amendment legislators tacked on this summer to a tax break for energy-efficient appliances. While the energy-efficiency measure doesn't go into effect until next year, on Friday and Saturday... (

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26 November 2008

Advertiser (Adelaide)

New gun laws described by Premier Mike Rann as the toughest in Australia will come into effect from midnight tonight. The main target of the new laws are outlaw motorcycle gangs and police will have the power to issue prohibition orders against people found near an illegal weapon or in the company of someone with a weapon. The maximum sentence under the new laws has been increased from two years to 15. A three-month gun amnesty will also begin on December 1 and run... (

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26 November 2008

Detroit Free Press

A 4-year-old Detroit boy accidentally shot and wounded his father today after the man fell asleep with a handgun tucked under his pillow, police said. Police spokesman James Tate said the father, 40, is in temporary serious condition at an area hospital after being struck once in the stomach. Tate said the father fell asleep on a couch this afternoon at his home on the 19100 block of Danbury. The boy saw the gun under the pillow, grabbed it and it accidentally... (

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