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Gun Policy News, 28 August 2008


28 August 2008

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

A South Jordan man has been accused of smuggling guns to Guatemala — including one that allegedly was used in a shooting in the Central American country. A federal grand jury in Salt Lake City indicted Hedthel Mauricio Corleto on Wednesday on one count each of smuggling goods from the United States, dealing in firearms and making a false statement during the acquisition of a firearm. Corleto, a U.S. citizen born in Guatemala, is free pending resolution of the case.... (

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28 August 2008

National Journal (USA)

Stepping gingerly back into the thicket of gun politics, some Democrats are offering up a few proposals to make them less on the defensive on an issue that many claim cost former Vice President Al Gore and Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., the presidency. Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., and Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., spoke at a National Wildlife Federation briefing Wednesday afternoon, pushing efforts to expand conservation areas for hunting and fishing grounds as well as... (

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28 August 2008

BBC News

Replica Mac-10 sub machine guns converted into live firing weapons by Grant Wilkinson at The Briars near Reading have been linked to seven London murders and a deadly shooting in Bradford. They include the killing of 15-year-old Michael Dosunmu as he slept in his Peckham home and the shooting of music producer Richard Holmes in Chingford. One of the guns was also used during an armed robbery in Bradford which led to the death of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky in 2005,... (

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28 August 2008

Los Angeles Times

Task force looking into the deaths of 11 in South Los Angeles have linked one man to the crimes using DNA evidence. An elusive serial killer, linked to 10 slayings in South Los Angeles and Inglewood over nearly two decades, resurfaced early last year to kill again, Los Angeles police officials said. Long stretches of time between known killings and a disjointed, often dormant investigation that spanned different generations of detectives left police unclear for years... (

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28 August 2008

New York Times

HARROLD, Texas — Students in this tiny town of grain silos and ranch-style houses spent much of the first couple of days in school this week trying to guess which of their teachers were carrying pistols under their clothes. "We made fun of them," said Eric Howard, a 16-year-old high school junior. "Everybody knows everybody here. We will find out." The school board in this impoverished rural hamlet in North Texas has drawn national attention with its decision to let... (

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28 August 2008

Agence France Presse

LONDON — A man was jailed for life Thursday for running the country's biggest-ever gun factory which converted dozens of replica submachine guns into deadly weapons used in nine gangland murders. Grant Wilkinson, 34, legally bought 90 replica Mac-10s in 2004, saying they were for use on the set of the James Bond film "Casino Royale" and paying 55,000 pounds in cash. But instead, he converted them into live firearms in two sheds — one of which was a soundproofed... (

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28 August 2008

Buffalo News (New York), Opinion

As the self-proclaimed "largest pro-hunting organization in the world," the National Rifle Association has long claimed to represent America's hunters and shooters in the fight to protect one of America's oldest traditions. The NRA's bylaws include an article setting a core goal "to promote and defend hunting … as a viable and necessary method of fostering the propagation, growth and conservation … of our renewable wildlife resources." But it turns out that its... (

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28 August 2008

Missoulian (Montana)

HELENA — Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama "isn't going to take your guns," Montana's Sen. Jon Tester told reporters Thursday afternoon in a call from the Democratic National Convention in Denver. "I talked to Obama straight up on it," Tester said. "He told me flat out, 'I'm not taking your guns away and don't let anybody tell you that I will."' Tester flew to Denver with Obama Wednesday afternoon, after Obama made his fifth visit to Montana for events in... (

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28 August 2008

El Tiempo (Colombia)

[Translated summary: The Mayor of Bogotá vows to restrict civilians carrying guns in public places, after an eminent university professor was killed by a pedestrian firing at someone he believed was about to steal his car]. El hecho ocurrió hace 2 meses. La iniciativa había sido radicada a finales del 2007 y liderada por los ex alcaldes Lucho Garzón, de Bogotá, y Juan Manuel Arango, de Pereira. Alcaldía de Bogotá piensa revivir la iniciativa popular para... (

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