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Gun Policy News, 23 August 2008


23 August 2008

Newsweek (USA)

Sen. John McCain portrays himself as a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights. But does that extend to gun rights for suspected terrorists? His campaign won't say where he stands on a bill to eliminate a gun-control loophole that even the Bush administration wants closed: a gap in federal law that inhibits the government from stopping people on terrorist watch lists from buying guns. The bill was inspired by an official audit covering a five-month period in 2004... (

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23 August 2008

BBC News

SAO PAULO — The Brazilian government is to launch a campaign as part of an effort to get 300,000 guns off the streets and to cut the country's high murder rate. Anyone who hands over a firearm will receive between 100 and 300 reais ($60-$185) and will not be investigated if they were illegally holding the weapon. The campaign will be promoted by advertising on television, radio, newspapers and the internet. A similar move four years ago helped remove 500,000... (

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Afrique orientale

23 August 2008

East African (Nairobi)

NAIROBI — All firearms imports into the Great Lakes Region will have to be vetted to determine their origin and destination. The Regional Centre on Small Arms, which now enjoys observer status at the UN, says suppliers of arms into the region will also be gazetted and the countries procuring the weapons obliged to notify the centre to eliminate gunrunning. The centre, funded by Western countries among them the UK and US, is an institution created following the... (

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