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Gun Policy News, 3 August 2008


3 August 2008

United Press International

NEW YORK — A report of a National Rifle Association mole inside a gun-control group illustrates the ease of spying on U.S. citizen groups, an ex-FBI agent says. The NRA had no immediate comment, but a retired FBI agent told ABC it is easy for industry groups and companies to infiltrate citizen groups since they often rely heavily on volunteers and don't have the resources to check backgrounds. ABC said Sunday it confirmed the hired infiltrator, one Mary McFate, had... (

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3 August 2008

McAllen Monitor (Texas)

McALLEN, Texas — Hundreds of radio and television commercials urging citizens not to agree to be middle men in illegal firearms purchases are expected to hit Rio Grande Valley airwaves this month. The aggressive media blitz dubbed "Don't Lie for the Other Guy" is locally targeted to curb the flow of guns across the Rio Grande to Mexico's violent cartels. The syndicates routinely pay locals with clean records to purchase firearms they in turn smuggle to Mexico. The... (

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3 August 2008

Sunday Herald (Glasgow)

PARIS — A burgeoning international market for second world war memorabilia is putting strain on the numerous small museums that commemorate the 1944 D-Day landings, which are increasingly under the eye of unscrupulous collectors, French police say. Two recent thefts have highlighted poor security at the more than 25 collections — mainly in private hands — which draw thousands of summer visitors along the Normandy coast. In one incident, the booty included a rare... (

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3 August 2008


The percentage of young people who use a gun to kill themselves is higher in Switzerland than any other European country, according to an international survey. This is directly connected to liberal Swiss gun laws and the easy availability of weapons, said researchers from the European Alliance Against Depression, whose study is published in the current edition of the Journal of Affective Disorders. Almost half (43.6 per cent) of suicides in Switzerland committed by... (

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3 August 2008

O Globo (Rio de Janeiro)

[Translated summary: Nine .30 machine guns diverted from the Bolivian armed forces have been apprehended in Rio's favelas this year alone, after being transported through Paraguay]. RIO — A novidade agora entre os traficantes dos morros e favelas do Rio é uma metralhadora calibre .30 (7,92 x 57mm), modelo Lehky Kulomet ZB, fabricada na antiga República da Tchecoslováquia, com capacidade de tiro capaz de derrubar até um helicóptero. Arma de guerra de uso restrito... (

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