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Gun Policy News, 22 January 2008


22 January 2008

Virginian-Pilot (Virginia)

RICHMOND, Virginia — The hundreds of people who turned out Monday morning to learn the fate of a Senate bill that would require criminal background checks for those who purchase firearms from private dealers at gun shows will have to wait a bit longer. The Senate Courts of Justice committee that is considering the bill to close the so-called gun-show loophole heard testimony but delayed a vote until Wednesday. Current state law requires criminal background checks of... (

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22 January 2008

Washington Post

RICHMOND, Virginia — Hundreds of advocates flooded the state Capitol on Monday to urge the Virginia General Assembly to enact reforms on such issues as the environment, immigration and gun control. On a day dominated by personal lobbying, memories of the massacre at Virginia Tech pervaded the Capitol as activists from across the state converged to call on lawmakers to make changes in Virginia's gun laws and mental health system. Although Monday was a federal holiday... (

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22 January 2008

Courier-Journal (Kentucky)

FRANKFORT, Kentucky — A bill that would allow people to bring guns onto college campuses — and use them if they were threatened — may die in a legislative committee amid growing concerns by educators and others. "This is a really bad idea," said Centre College President John Roush, whose private college in Danville bans firearms. "It would run counter to our tradition and the principles on which we operate our community." Other university presidents also... (

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22 January 2008

National Post (Toronto), Editorial

Toronto Mayor David Miller and the federal NDP have called for a ban on all handguns in Canada. Following the killing of two innocent bystanders in Toronto by stray bullets in the past week, it's natural to cast about for solutions. But calls for a handgun ban amount to meaningless symbolism. If restricting ownership of handguns among ordinary law-abiding citizens had a positive impact on crime, our existing laws would already have produced the benefits. Since 1934,... (

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22 January 2008

Sudbury Star (Ontario)

Handguns kill. That is their only practical purpose. Often, they kill people, and so it is understandable that those most likely to be threatened by a handgun should be motivated to ban them. But, as with most issues that cross into the matter of civil liberties, what to do about the rash of handguns falling into the hands of people not afraid to use them is complicated. And, increasingly, urgent. The Coalition for Gun Control says the two most likely sources of... (

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22 January 2008

KETV-TV News (Nebraska)

OMAHA, Nebraska — Police on Tuesday formally charged a 19-year-old man who they believe fired a high-powered rifle at a drive-through restaurant customer from at least 100 yards away. Kyle Bormann, 19, was charged by Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine in the death of Brittany Williams, 21. Late Tuesday, Bormann's family responded to a request for comment from KETV NewsWatch 7. "On behalf of the entire Bormann family, we would like to extend our sincerest... (

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22 January 2008

Local (Stockholm)

Four people have been indicted in Malmö on gun-running charges following the seizure last autumn of a major consignment of weapons. Customs officials in Malmö found 40 semi-automatic weapons concealed in the seats of a car on October 10th last year. The driver of the vehicle was pulled over after customs officials noticed him behaving in a nervous manner when crossing the border from Denmark to Sweden. One of the driver's two passengers was also arrested. A woman... (

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22 January 2008

Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star (Virginia), Editorial

SEUNG-HUI CHO didn't get the guns he used to kill 33 Virginia Tech students and faculty, including himself, from a gun show. But legislation to close the loophole in Virginia law that allows certain purchases at gun shows without a background check is justified if we are to prevent a recurrence of the madness and sadness of April 16. Gov. Tim Kaine proposed the change, which was recommended by the Virginia Tech Review Panel that studied the campus massacre. Legislation... (

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22 January 2008

Wall Street Journal, Editorial

The Second Amendment's right to bear arms has rarely been considered by the Supreme Court, but this year the Court is hearing a case that could become a Constitutional landmark. So it is nothing short of astonishing, and dispiriting, that the Bush Justice Department has now weighed in with an amicus brief that is far too clever by half. The case concerns a D.C. Circuit decision that overturned a Washington, D.C., law denying a handgun permit to plaintiff Dick Heller.... (

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22 January 2008

WREG-TV News (Tennessee)

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — A Frayser family is both scared and relieved tonight after a stray bullet pierces the window of their home and then pierces the homeowner's skull. It happened at the 2700 block of Scotland. Police told the family, it was a stray bullet from a random shooting. Fortunately, 62-year-old Don Hall is at home recovering. Doctors told him the bullet barely missed hitting a major artery to his brain. He and his son, Michael Hall, were about to watch... (

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22 January 2008

Radio Australia (Pacific shortwave)

Tonga's acting police commissioner says the shooting of two people in a murder-suicide has shocked the country. A prominent Nukualofa businesswoman, Mosimani Helu died in hospital yesterday from a gunshot wound to the head. Police say the body of a man was found in her backyard. The motive for the shooting is still not known. However, the local media quotes a neighbour as saying the alleged gunman worked as a security man or gardener for the victim about two years... (

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22 January 2008

Albany Times-Union (New York), Opinion

The 19 friend-of-the-court briefs supporting the District of Columbia's U.S. Supreme Court bid to uphold its handgun ban might look like the "usual suspects." The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, U.S. Conference of Mayors, National Network to End Domestic Violence, police chiefs, criminal justice professors, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Public Health Association. Most of the amici (in legal lingo) on the district's side have well-known stands on gun... (

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22 January 2008

Tonga Broadcasting Commission

Any person found to be carrying unregistered arms or ammunition with intend to commit offence are liable to be imprisoned not more than 12 years jail terms. This was highlighted by the Acting Police Commander Taniela Faletau in amid concerns that illegal possession of unregistered firearms and ammunition in the country. The Acting Police Commander's comment came when police confirmed that the rifle used to shot a business woman at Kolofo'ou yesterday was not yet... (

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