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Gun Policy News, 15 January 2008


15 January 2008

Globe & Mail (Toronto)

Toronto politicians are calling for their federal counterparts to totally ban handguns three days after a shooting outside a downtown strip club left an innocent bystander dead. "It's inappropriate for citizens of this country to own a handgun, there's no need for it," said Councillor Michael Walker, who put forward the motion to council. "It's the only way to stem the tide of violence in our cities … Mr. O'Keefe was a victim of that violence," said Mr. Walker (Ward... (

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15 January 2008

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

WASHINGTON — Seattle, Milwaukee and other large U.S. cities are warning the Supreme Court that gun-control laws around the nation would be jeopardized if the justices decide to eliminate the local District of Columbia ban on handguns. In a legal brief filed with the high court, the cities, joined by the nonpartisan U.S. Conference of Mayors, argue that they suffer "disproportionately" from firearm violence and should be able to enact reasonable restrictions on the... (

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Pérou,Nations Unies

15 January 2008

Living in Peru (Lima), Web Page

Abiding by international peace and disarmament policies, the Peruvian General Directorate for the Control of Security Services, Guns, Ammunitions and Explosives for Civil Use (DICSCAMEC) is to incinerate 35,240 firearms within the next several months. Since DICSCAMEC depends on Peru's Ministry of the Interior, it is waiting for the Ministry to define the date on which the firearms will be destroyed, said the general director of DICSCAMEC, Ricardo Ganiku. He explained... (

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15 January 2008

Daily Monitor (Kampala)

Security chiefs from the governments of Uganda and South Sudan have started discussions to end the long persistent arms trafficking in the region. According to the UPDF, the strategy is aimed at reducing gun flow in to Karamoja region and to ensure that the UPDF disarmament exercise achieves the 100 per cent result for peace in Karamoja. The UPDF and local leaders in Karamoja region have on several occasions hinted that the greatest undoing to the disarmament... (

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15 January 2008

Albany Times-Union (New York), Column

In March, the U. S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on the meaning of the Second Amendment. It's the first time in 68 years the high court will look at the amendment, and arguably the first time ever that a definitive interpretation will emerge of what the Constitution guarantees with those incendiary words, "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Gun rights versus gun control is at issue in District of Columbia vs. Heller, and the... (

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15 January 2008

Boston Herald, Editorial

"A police officer should not carry a gun after an allegation of domestic violence." With that astoundingly logical statement, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis last week made clear that a cop accused of smacking his wife or her husband around ought not be carrying a gun while the incident is investigated. Other than union leadership, we're hard-pressed to think of anyone who might disagree. Ah, but as if on cue, a lawyer for the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association... (

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15 January 2008


OAKLAND, California — Fifth-grader Christopher Rodriguez sat down Thursday at his piano for his weekly lesson, arched his fingers over the keys and began to play. Across the street from Harmony Road Music School in north Oakland, California, Jared Adams, 24, allegedly raised his gun at a Chevron gas station attendant during a holdup and fired. A bullet ripped through the walls of Christopher's classroom striking him in his side, piercing his kidney and spleen and... (

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15 January 2008

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)

A key Senate committee gutted a gun bill Tuesday that would have allowed Georgians to carry guns in their cars to work, in an attempt to diffuse a two-year battle between gun lobbyists and business owners. The vote came just a few hours after Gov. Sonny Perdue announced his opposition to the bill, which was backed by the National Rifle Association. The Senate Rules Committee, which sets the agenda for the chamber, drastically narrowed the scope of the bill that... (

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15 January 2008

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

A man who sold Trolley Square gunman Sulejman Talovic one of the guns he used in his deadly Feb. 12 rampage was sentenced Monday to 15 months in prison. Mackenzie Glade Hunter apologized, saying, "I feel bad about being involved in something so horrible. I just want to say I'm sorry for everything." Prosecutor John Huber noted that Hunter is the final defendant sentenced in the case and the one whose offense was the most serious. Huber also said, however, there is... (

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15 January 2008

Toronto Star (Ontario)

In the wake of the Yonge St. shooting of innocent bystander John O'Keefe, Mayor David Miller says he finds it shocking that the "fairly young man" accused in the crime "legally had a gun." After speaking to the 42-year-old victim's family yesterday, Miller renewed his call for a handgun ban. "Why does a 22-year-old in a city like Toronto need a handgun? It's just not acceptable and I think it's time the federal government passed legislation to end the ownership of... (

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15 January 2008

San Francisco Chronicle

OAKLAND — A man who allegedly fired shots during an Oakland gas station robbery, paralyzing a 10-year-old boy practicing the piano across the street, was charged Monday with crimes that could send him to prison for the rest of his life. One of the bullets allegedly fired by Jared Adams, 24, struck Christopher Rodriguez and left him paralyzed from the waist down. Christopher, a fifth-grader at Crocker Highlands Elementary School in Oakland, was at a piano lesson... (

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15 January 2008

Toronto Star (Ontario), Editorial

Handguns keep taking Canadian lives; yet this dangerous class of weapon remains too readily available across the country. In light of the grievous harm they do, it would make sense to ban handguns, thereby making them harder for criminals to obtain and impossible for law-abiding people to misuse. Toronto's latest handgun victim is 42-year-old John O'Keefe, shot in the head on the weekend while walking on Yonge St., the apparent victim of a stray bullet meant for a... (

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Nigeria,Afrique occidentale

15 January 2008

This Day (Lagos), Opinion

LAGOS — The proliferation, misuse and illegal possession of small arms and light weapons (SALWs) is becoming a common culture in various societies. In the not-too-distant past, SALWs was alien to the African society apart from the crude and primitive ones used by hunters in the hinterland. Today, the incessant cases of political instability, deepening poverty, crimes of armed robberies, assassinations, militancy, oil bunkering, civil wars, ethnic insurgencies, to... (

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15 January 2008

BBC Worldwide Monitoring / Interfax, Transcript

The law on buying firearms, ammunition and explosives that are in illegal possession of population, if people voluntarily hand over these weapons, comes into force as of 1 January 2008, the head of the Kazakh Interior Ministry's press service, Bagdat Kozhakhmetov has said. "With the aim of ensuring public safety and preventing crimes committed with the use of firearms, the law stipulating buying firearms, ammunition and explosives in illegal possession of the... (

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