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Gun Policy News, 31 July 2007


31 July 2007

Washington Post, Column

It's a shame that Fred Thompson is too young to have played Matt Dillon, the no-nonsense marshal of Dodge City in the long-running radio and television series "Gunsmoke." That role on the radio went to William Conrad (later TV's "Cannon") and on television to James Arness. But whether on TV or radio, Marshal Dillon had the same policy for cowboys when they rode into Dodge: They had to surrender their guns. The Marshal Dillon Rule is based on common sense, not to... (

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31 July 2007

Edmonton Sun (Alberta)

A man shot and killed himself last night at the Wild West Shooting Centre at West Edmonton Mall, police said. Cops closed the gun range and were investigating. The fatal shooting, which occurred around 8:30 p.m., comes three weeks after a man apparently shot himself in the jaw at the popular shooting range. On the afternoon of July 6, a man who was taking target practice suffered a jaw injury when he shot himself with a gun. The unidentified victim was taken to... (

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31 July 2007

Boston Herald

So what happens when a pro-gun control gal from Massachusetts is sent to hunker down with a family of firearms fanatics in Ohio for 30 Days? "I have no idea what to expect," said Brockton dance instructor Pia Lalli, who signed up for a stint on "30 Days," Morgan Spurlock's FX series. "My mother said, 'Oh, those poor people. After a month with you, they'll run screaming from their own house!' " Lalli, 39, told the Track she became passionate about gun control after... (

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Iraq,Asie occidentale,États-Unis,Nations Unies

31 July 2007

Star Phoenix (Saskatchewan), Column

Why is it that anytime there is a celebration in the Middle East, the first thing people do is reach for a gun and start firing in the air? Watching the recent victory celebrations following Iraq's big soccer triumph, I found it hard to focus on what winning the Asian Cup means for the future of the country. All I could think of is where those bullets might be landing. Reports out of Baghdad suggest at least four people were killed and 17 wounded by celebratory... (

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31 July 2007

SEESAC (Belgrade) / VIP News Service

On Monday, Interior Minister Dragan Jocic spoke in favour of stricter regulations for the carrying of weapons. "A law on issuing permits for weapons exists, it came into force a couple of years ago. A medical evaluation has to be submitted. Perhaps we should make stricter regulations for the issuing of permits for guns and pistols and we should work on having arms taken away from all those who make an incident. This is prevention", Jocic said. The Law on arms and... (

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