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Gun Policy News, 21 July 2007


21 July 2007

Chicago Tribune

Almost 6,000 handguns and assault weapons were turned over to Chicago police on Saturday in exchange for $100 debit cards, officials said. The third "Don't kill a Dream, Save a Life" program was a "huge success" and the most successful attempt at taking guns off the street, said police spokeswoman Monique Bond. "In light of the recent tragedies with so many young people's lives being taken, I think that people are starting to recognize that guns are dangerous," Bond... (

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21 July 2007

Houston Chronicle (Texas) / Hearst News

WASHINGTON — Gun control advocates cheered when Democrats took over the House and the Senate this year, sure that the change in leadership meant a more friendly environment for new restrictions on the sale and ownership of firearms. But supporters of tighter controls are on the verge of losing the first big battle of the year over gun policy. The House is expected to pass legislation this week renewing a 4-year-old law that makes it harder for police to track the... (

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21 July 2007

WDAF-TV News (Kansas City)

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Police said they hope to file charges this weekend for a shooting that injured a 13-year-old girl in her backyard. The girl was camping out behind her family's home when a stray bullet hit her in the leg. "I heard the first two shots, and I looked out the window and I didn't see nobody," Bea Clodfelter, neighbor, said. Then Clodfelter said she heard three more shots from across the way. After those shots, chaos erupted in the Kansas City... (

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