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Gun Policy News, 14 July 2007


14 July 2007

Courier-Journal (Kentucky), Editorial

The U.S. House Appropriations Committee has voted to renew the Tiahrt Amendment, which limits local police access to a federal database of gun purchases. That's how the cookie crumbles for anyone cheeky enough to challenge the gun lobby. Metro Louisville Police Chief Robert White, who went to Washington to argue against the Tiahrt renewal, said before the vote that he wouldn't be "awfully surprised" if his side lost. The amendment, named after Kansas Republican... (

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14 July 2007

New York Post

Mayor Bloomberg lashed out at federal lawmakers yesterday for refusing to give police departments broader powers to trace illegal guns. "You couldn't write this stuff in a book," Bloomberg said on his weekly WABC radio show a day after House members refused to strike down a law that limits information that can be shared by police departments on the sale of out-of-state firearms. "Congress wants to protect the criminals," Bloomberg railed. "Plain and simple, this... (

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14 July 2007

Journal News (New York), Editorial

Living and working in such proximity to the media capital of the world, the scene of yet another week of officials' post-shooting press conferences, teary-eyed testimonials from grieving co-workers and family, and heartpounding searches for dangerous and desperate men — the logical aftermath of a society's treating handguns like religious sacrament — one might assume that everybody sees the same human waste, the same anguish, and would be sick of seeing it again and... (

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14 July 2007

Zee News (India)

NEW DELHI — Expressing concern over smuggling of small weapons used for unleashing violence and causing bloodshed, Home Minister Shivraj Patil on Saturday favoured India signing a convention to restrict free flow of such arms. "This has to be looked into positively," Patil said at a question answer session at the end of his lecture on 'India of my dreams'. Patil was responding to a question on the danger of small arms which caused 90 per cent of the casualties and... (

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