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Gun Policy News, 30 January 2007


30 January 2007

New York Times, Editorial

Twenty years ago, the Florida Legislature cravenly decided to allow "law abiding" citizens to carry concealed weapons merely by declaring their preference for self-defense. Then last July, at the prodding of the gun lobby, the current crop of state lawmakers proved they could be even more corrupt and cowardly than their predecessors by deciding to make the list of gun-toting Floridians a secret. Fortunately, a local newspaper has given residents of the state a final... (

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États-Unis,Indonésie,Sri Lanka

30 January 2007

Associated Press

BALTIMORE — Two Indonesian men pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court to trying to illegally export arms to Indonesia through undercover federal agents in Maryland, a sting that also netted a suspected international arms dealer and three men associated with the Tamil Tigers terrorist group. Reinhard Rusli, 33, and Helmi Soedirdja, 34, who also pleaded guilty to money laundering, represented one of two conspiracies that federal agents allege were being orchestrated... (

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30 January 2007

Angus Reid Global Monitor: Polls & Research

Many adults in El Salvador believe their country should institute tougher regulations for the use of weapons, according to a poll by LPG Datos published in La Prensa Gráfica. 69.2 per cent of respondents would forbid people from carrying firearms. Antonio Saca — a media businessman — was elected in March 2004 as the candidate for the ruling conservative Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA), garnering 57.73 per cent of the vote. ARENA candidates have won the... (

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30 January 2007

Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

ADDIS ABABA — Prices of the various types of weapons sold in the markets of the Somali capital Mogadishu have risen high lately. Bakara market and Argentina market are the biggest arms traded markets in Mogadishu. They are known as "Sky shooters." The arms seller tests the gun for the buyer shooting the sky. When the routed Union of Islamic Courts were driven out of the capital, the price of AK 47 Kalashnikov has reached $50 (US dollar), but right now the price is... (

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