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Gun Policy News, 29 January 2007


29 January 2007

Gainesville Times (Georgia)

When a South Hall homeowner shot and killed an armed intruder last week, it was a fairly easy call by officials not to bring criminal charges. District Attorney Lee Darragh quickly determined that the fatal shooting of 37-year-old Robby Bailey by Conditioned Air Systems president Doug Magnus was justified. Bailey, who had a lengthy criminal history and spent more than 10 years in and out of state prisons, fired several shots at Magnus while lurking outside his home... (

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29 January 2007

Sun-Sentinel (Florida)

Adel R. Ahmad, a Tampa pizza deliveryman, kept his license to carry a gun for four years even though he was wanted by police for shooting and killing a teenage boy over a stolen order of chicken wings. Leroy W. Cerny, of Miramar, kept his license to carry a gun even though he pleaded no contest to shooting from his kitchen door into a backyard tree, a misdemeanor. And Lubomir Lacho, of Lighthouse Point, kept his license to carry a gun even though he was charged with... (

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29 January 2007

CaboodleNews (Hungary)

The health ministry is planning to amend the law on carrying firearms: Everyone who keeps a gun at home would have to undergo psychological examinations at regular intervals. The planned amendments have been submitted to the authorities. According to, individuals under 40 would have to repeat the examination every five years, those between 40 and 60 every four years, while those over 70 once every year. Hungarian hunters say the new regulation would be... (

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