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Gun Policy News, 18 January 2007


18 January 2007

Australian (Sydney)

From the waistband of his blue jeans, the Sydney underworld figure pulls out a black handgun and dumps it on the kitchen table in front of me. With his other hand he produces a thick wad of bank notes from his jacket pocket. The $5000 he places next to the 9mm Glock pistol, he assures me, is enough to buy another one. "I can get you a handgun in five days. If you want an automatic weapon like a AK47 (Kalashnikov assault rifle) it will take a little longer and cost... (

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18 January 2007

USA Today / Arizona Republic

MEXICO CITY — Combat-style rifles are pouring into Mexico, thanks to the end of the U.S. Assault Weapons Ban in 2004 and an arms race among several Mexican cartels battling for control of lucrative drug routes. The weapons are purchased at stores and gun shows, then smuggled into Mexico under car seats or tucked into suitcases. "There is a direct relationship between the flow of these weapons and the explosion of violence," said Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos,... (

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Europe,Nations Unies

18 January 2007

Deutsche Presse-Agentur

STRASBOURG — European Union lawmakers on Thursday urged member states to step up their support for establishing an international arms trade treaty and underlined the bloc's determination to keep up the disputed arms embargo against China. "The embargo imposed on China should not be lifted until there is a clear and lasting improvement in the situation regarding human rights and social and political freedoms," said a report adopted by an overwhelming majority of... (

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18 January 2007

Cincinnati Post (Ohio), Opinion

It's time to take the next step in a strategy to fight Cincinnati's gun violence. That was the message Wednesday from criminal justice professor David Kennedy and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Director of Trauma Service Dr. Victor Garcia to Cincinnati City Council's Law and Public Safety Committee. They came to tout, for the first time publicly, Kennedy's plan to reduce Cincinnati's gun-related homicides by up to 70 percent and said they have enough... (

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18 January 2007

Telegram and Gazette (Massachusetts)

WORCESTER — The sign on its front door states "no permit required," but police allege a local gun shooting range violated city regulations when it allowed a woman to walk in, obtain a gun and shoot it without any permits. The woman killed herself inside the gun range, the second such death in eight years at Boston Gun Range, 317 Southwest Cutoff. Someone from Boston Gun Range is to appear before the License Commission at a meeting at 10 a.m. today, to answer to... (

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Îles Salomon,Australie,Taïwan

18 January 2007

Sydney Morning Herald / AAP

A controversial plan by the Solomon Islands prime minister to have his personal police bodyguards given firearms training in Taipei has been quashed by the Taiwanese government. Manasseh Sogavare's government wants to rearm its police force, a move opposed by the Australian-led region assistance mission in the island nation. The rearming plan has also been condemned by civil groups fearful of a return to violence and ethnic unrest in the troubled nation. Sogavare has... (

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Îles Salomon,Taïwan

18 January 2007

Radio New Zealand International (Pacific shortwave)

The Solomon Islands Police Force has sent twelve officers to Taiwan to undergo training in close personal protection. The officers departed for Taiwan on Monday and will undertake a two week training program fully funded by the Taiwanese Government. Police personnel selected for future duty with the Close Personal Protection Unit will receive training in security movements for VIP's, specialist driving skills, firearms, and self defence. It is planned to send up to... (

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18 January 2007

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

The inaction of the Government in dealing with the guns committee report has drawn the concern of a Chimbu tribe. Community leaders of the Kindiku tribe in the Yongomugl district of Chimbu Province this week called on the Government to immediately table the recommendations of the National Guns Control Committee. The committee, which sat and canvassed views of the people throughout the country two years ago, found guns were the biggest threat to law and order in the... (

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