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Gun Policy News, 14 January 2007


14 January 2007

Associated Press

BOSTON — During his two campaigns in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney adopted a decidedly moderate approach to gun control, vowing not to "chip away" at the state's gun laws and conceding his backing of an assault rifle ban was "not going to make me the hero of the NRA." Now as he weighs a run for the GOP presidential nomination, Romney's rhetoric is shifting in an effort to appeal to the Republican Party's core conservative base. On Friday, Romney toured a gun show in... (

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14 January 2007

Herald News (New Jersey)

PATERSON — Kids who once got caught up in crime say it's easy to get a gun if you know the right people. Cops admit the same, and are frustrated with how difficult it is to stem the flow of firearms into this city. Even if the handgun used to murder Officer Tyron D. Franklin was legally purchased, that weapon is now one of thousands of "crime guns" New Jersey law enforcement agencies will eventually track in 2007. And, despite high-tech tracing systems that help... (

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14 January 2007

Boston Globe

ORLANDO, Florida — Former governor Mitt Romney, who once described himself as a supporter of strong gun laws, is distancing himself from that rhetoric now as he attempts to court the gun owners who make up a significant force in Republican primary politics. In his 1994 US Senate run, Romney backed two gun-control measures strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association and other gun-rights groups: the Brady Bill, which imposed a five-day waiting period on gun... (

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14 January 2007

Philadelphia Inquirer, Column

Any fool can kill a deer. I know, because I've almost done it several times. All that's required is a car driven at a relatively good speed, 30 miles an hour should do it, near a wooded area around dusk or later. Voila, venison à la Camry. As for pen-raised fowl, released on exclusive preserves for desk-bound potentates, that doesn't require much skill, either, simply money and will, though it's preferable not to spray deep-pocketed supporters with birdshot. The... (

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14 January 2007

New Times (Kigali)

KIGALI — The government has finalised plans to vet operations of all private security agencies, The Sunday Times has learnt. According to the Minister for Internal Security, Sheikh Musa Fazil Harerimana, the screening exercise targets to curb widespread misuse and illegal possession of weapons. The use of ammunition by the private security agencies, he said, had become a major concern in the country, calling for immediate intervention of the government. "The number... (

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