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Gun Policy News, 7 January 2007


7 January 2007

Telegraph (UK)

MIAMI — America is under threat from malevolent forces intent on stripping citizens of their liberties. Dark enemies are stalking the innocent and the public must gird itself for confrontation. So claims the National Rifle Association, America's largest, wealthiest and most politically powerful gun rights group, which has printed pamphlets entitled Freedom in Peril to alert its four million members. The danger, it says, can be summed up in one word: Democrats. So... (

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7 January 2007

Australian Associated Press

The NSW government wants tougher import regulations for replica and toy weapons and uniform laws to prevent them crossing state borders. Since 1999, 34 replica weapons seized by police were found to have been converted into firing weapons, Police Minister John Watkins said today. Replica weapons were mostly illegal in NSW and their use in crime carried the same penalties as using real weapons, but not all Australian states were as strict, Mr Watkins said. "In NSW we... (

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7 January 2007

Washington Post

SEATTLE — After years of close association with the Republican Party and hard-nosed opposition to federal land-use regulation, the National Rifle Association is being pressured by its membership to distance itself from President Bush's energy policies that have opened more public land for oil and gas drilling and limited access to hunters and anglers. "The Bush administration has placed more emphasis on oil and gas than access rights for hunters," said Ronald L.... (

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7 January 2007

Sunday Times (UK)

Put down those golf clubs and go for your gun: shooting is fast becoming the social networking sport of choice. A survey of 2,000 companies and 14,000 directors shows that shooting is soaring in popularity. A decade ago, toting a shotgun did not even feature among the most popular recreations listed by company directors. But the survey ranks shooting as the seventh most popular recreation, almost level with gardening. "Though golf remains the directors' favourite... (

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États-Unis,Nations Unies

7 January 2007

Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh), Column

WASHINGTON — This, the first column for a new year, traditionally begins with listing new resolutions and ends in self-abasement with an account of failure. But, fortunately, this is from Washington, where defeat and collapse are spun into "limited victories" and "regrouping." Thus, we can be brief and discuss the only resolution of importance. How many would dare to say and mean "I will accept responsibility for all of my actions"? Let's look at a former enemy who,... (

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