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Gun Policy News, 24 June 2006

Nations Unies,États-Unis

24 June 2006

Sydney Morning Herald

NEW YORK — Prasad Kariyawasam seems like an unlikely person to receive 5000 letters a day. Sri Lanka's ambassador to the United Nations is a softly spoken diplomat, more likely to avoid controversy than provoke it. But in the past few weeks, his office has been overwhelmed with at least 100,000 letters, mostly from supporters of America's National Rifle Association, who believe that he is trying to take away their guns. How could the Sri Lankan UN ambassador pose a... (

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24 June 2006

Islamic Republic News Agency / UN

TEHRAN — Some 2,000 representatives from governments, international and regional organizations and civil society will meet at UN Headquarters from June 26 to July 7, 2006 to review progress made; to address future cooperation and activities and to assess challenges on the road ahead. The event is taking place five years after the adoption of the UN Program of Action to address the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons, a press release issued by the UN... (

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24 June 2006

Telegraph-Journal (New Brunswick), Opinion

If you happen to be employed at the gun registry in Miramichi you would like to know whether you will have a job three months from now. For you, it is not a matter of politics or even of whether you like the idea of a gun registry. It's a matter of being able to pay your mortgage next month. You are the meat in the sandwich and the only player in the game who isn't using the gun registry as a political football. It doesn't look good for you. It all boils down to a... (

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24 June 2006

Detroit News

A Monroe County deputy has joined an expanding — and embarrassed — law enforcement fraternity struggling to answer the question: Where's my gun? When the unnamed, eight-year deputy noticed that his submachine gun, $3,500 police radio, uniform and 20 rounds of ammunition had been swiped from his unlocked pickup truck on Thursday morning, he joined two other officers in just over a week whose powerful firearms were stolen or missing. Last week, a 9 mm Colt... (

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24 June 2006

Register-Guard (Oregon), Editorial

With wars and natural disasters dominating the headlines, it's not surprising that most Americans haven't paid much attention to a Republican congressman's successful three-year campaign to keep government information about illegal gun trafficking hidden from the public. But the gun lobby is paying attention. Now it has instructed its lackeys to pass legislation that would make permanent Kansas Rep. Todd Tiahrt's preposterous spending bill riders that prohibit the... (

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24 June 2006

New Times / ANDnetwork

The function that was presided over by Prime Minister Bernard Makuza coincided with the Sixth Anniversary of the Nairobi Declaration on Illicit Small Arms and Light Weapons. Makuza and a 13-year old student, Jeannette Musaniwabo, set the two 'masts' of arms on fire, bringing to 7,500 the total number of firearms that have been destroyed in the country so far. About Six thousand illegal arms were destroyed last year at Musha in Rwamagana district, Eastern province.... (

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Kenya,Afrique orientale,Nations Unies

24 June 2006

Saturday Nation (Nairobi)

As the UN review conference on small arms opens in New York on Monday, the Great Lakes region and the Horn of Africa will be in the spotlight in view of the thousands of guns still in wrong hands. But the region, through the Regional Centre on Small Arms, will be eager to demonstrate its efforts in sealing the loopholes through which the arms get into the countries illegally and to recover them. Kenya in particular will be in special focus when Mr Julius Arile... (

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Kenya,Afrique orientale,Nations Unies

24 June 2006

Saturday Nation (Nairobi), Opinion

In July, 2001, Kenya was among UN member states that gathered in New York for the first time to tackle the proliferation of small arms and seek a lasting solution. The result was an agreement known as the UN Programme of Action (UNPoA), which the states committed themselves to implementing immediately. The Government had the previous year hosted countries in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes region and produced the Nairobi Declaration, which outlines the... (

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24 June 2006

Abbotsford News (British Columbia)

The gun used in a 2004 murder in Vancouver was the same weapon used in an unsolved double murder in Abbotsford six months earlier, Vancouver Police said yesterday. The gun has not been located. Vancouver Police Const. Howard Chow said yesterday that forensic testing showed that the firearm used in the Jan. 6, 2004 murder of Marc Rozen in Vancouver was the same gun that was used to kill two men in Abbotsford in 2003. On June 4, 2003, the bodies of Claudio Gomez,... (

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