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Gun Policy News, 25 February 2006


25 February 2006

Advertiser (Adelaide)

The number of guns registered in South Australia has surged by 20,000 in the past five years, despite measures to slash firearms ownership after the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. The rise has sparked concern the odds of a similar tragedy happening here are growing. Figures released to The Advertiser by the state's Firearms Registry show 348,127 guns are now registered in SA. About two-thirds — or 221,681 guns — are .22 calibre rim-fire rifles and single or... (

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25 February 2006

Baltimore Sun

Federal agents revoked the firearms license yesterday of a prominent Baltimore County gun shop owned by a National Rifle Association board member, pointing to his repeated failure to account for hundreds of guns listed in his inventory since 1997. "We don't want firearms getting into the hands of criminals," said David McCain, assistant special agent in charge of the Baltimore field office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. "If we come in and... (

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25 February 2006

Herald Tribune (Florida), Editorial

The opening of the 2006 session of the Legislature is more than a week away, but there's already a clear frontrunner for the worst bill of the year — a proposal to charge businesses with a felony if they forbid employees to store firearms in their cars while at work. Many workplaces in Florida, including Walt Disney World and Publix grocery stores, prohibit employees from bringing guns onto company grounds, including parking lots. These policies rankle officials at... (

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25 February 2006

Shelby Star (North Carolina)

SHELBY — Brooke Kirkpatrick sat on the floor with her head buried against her mother's shoulder and held back tears while photographs of her late boyfriend were spread across the family's coffee table Thursday. Alan Brandon Bell, 19, died Monday when a gun went off inside the apartment he shared with Brooke, his girlfriend of 10 years. The Kirkpatricks are still struggling with Bell's death. His body sits in a Charlotte morgue since they can't afford a burial. "He... (

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Nouvelle Zélande

25 February 2006

Press (Christchurch)

Moving softly, silently brushing leaves aside, a hunter deep in the Kaimanawa Forest spots the deer he has been waiting for. He moves into position and lines up his prey. Carefully focused, he takes aim, his finger tightens on the trigger and he fires. The bullet enters the target's head at great speed and exits the other side — killing it instantly. Unknown to the shooter, the victim is no deer. Taupo father Mark Leathwick, who was hunting in the same area as... (

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