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Gun Policy News, 26 December 2004


26 December 2004

BBC News

In a high-roofed warehouse on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, a group of Cambodian art students stood hunched over work benches, beating, welding and re-shaping pieces of twisted metal. This was not any old metal, but triggers, gun barrels and rifle butts, all taken from decommissioned weapons. In the hands of the young artists, such unpromising raw materials were being turned into pieces of art. The workshop was full of starkly beautiful sculptures — a skeleton... (

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26 December 2004

New York Post

Under Bernie Kerik's watch, about two dozen Glock pistols belonging to the Correction Department were doled out as free personal perks to favored top officials, The Post has learned. The city, which purchased the Glock 26 firearms for about $500 apiece in the late 1990s, does not customarily sell or give away its guns. "They made their own rules that we're going to let certain people take them home — which would be OK except you can't give them a firearm to keep,"... (

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26 December 2004

St Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri)

Shortly after a record number of teens were murdered in the streets of St. Louis, police met with residents to talk about ways to get guns away from juveniles. One woman offered a simple solution. "Why don't you knock on the door and ask that mother if you could search the house?" That idea 10 years ago spawned a wildly successful partnership between police and the community that led to the seizure of hundreds of guns from teenagers. Experts said the innovative... (

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