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Gun Policy News, 17 December 2004


17 December 2004

Guardian (UK)

US scientists have tested a handgun that can only be used by its owner. Sensors embedded in the handle recognise the owner's grip, so if the pistol is ever grabbed by an unauthorised user it should refuse to fire. The New Jersey senator Frank Lautenberg, who secured £550,000 in federal money for the project, said deaths such as children shooting children after getting hold of a loaded gun "can be prevented — or at least reduced". The New Jersey Institute of... (

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17 December 2004

Philippine Star

More than 35,000 policemen nationwide are without guns, the Philippine National Police (PNP) chief said yesterday. Testifying before the Senate committee on finance, Director General Edgar Aglipay said the number is 30 percent of the PNP's total strength of 117,376. Aglipay asked the committee chaired by Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. to approve the PNP's proposed budget of P35.197 billion next year, which is 1.09 higher than last year's. In response, Villar expressed... (

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17 December 2004

San Francisco Examiner

The City's new proposed weapons ban initiative may be aimed at the violent and criminal, but the law could also hurt one of The City's most venerable posh auction houses. Drawing arms collectors from around the world, Bonhams and Butterfields on San Bruno Avenue generates millions of dollars auctioning off antique arms and modern sporting guns. During a two-day auction on Dec. 7 and 8, Butterfields raised $1.8 million selling everything from a World War II-era Walther... (

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17 December 2004

New York Times

A comprehensive study released yesterday by the National Academy of Sciences says a major national effort to improve knowledge about firearms is needed before anyone can judge the effectiveness of a variety of policies, from gun control to laws allowing people to carry concealed handguns. The study, by the academy's National Research Council, found that accurate research on what works to reduce gun violence had been made impossible by a lack of information on gun... (

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17 December 2004

WBNS-TV News (Ohio)

The mother of the man who gunned down former Pantera guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and three others during a concert said her son was discharged from the military because he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Mary Clark told Columbus television station WCMH on Wednesday that her son, Nathan Gale, was released from the Marines in 2003 after the military diagnosed the disorder. Gale's rampage ended last week when an officer shot him to death. Clark, who asked... (

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17 December 2004

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco supervisors want to make the city the second in the nation to ban the ownership of handguns, but whether such a law would prove to be more than symbolic remains to be seen. First, legal challenges are being readied by those who see the proposed law — set to go to voters next fall — as bucking state law, which says law-abiding citizens do not need permits or licenses to keep handguns in their homes. Then there are practical hurdles: How do you... (

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Afrique du Sud

17 December 2004

News24 (South Africa)

JOHANNESBURG — The police destroyed more than 20,500 firearms in Kempton Park on Friday in a bid to fight the proliferation of guns in the country. "The police are winning the war on the proliferation of illegal firearms," Gauteng police's acting spokesperson Senior Superintendent Mary Martins-Engelbrecht said. She said the weapons included sub-machine guns, shotguns, rifles, handguns and gas pistols. Most of them had been used in crimes such as cash-in-transit... (

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17 December 2004

Kyodo News (Japan)

A global campaign for the control of weapons worldwide will be launched in Japan on Saturday, organizers said Friday. The Million Faces Petition is a visual petition — collecting "signatures" in the form of photos and self-portraits of the petitioners — intended to show concern about the proliferation and misuse of arms around the world and urge governments to take action on tougher arms control. It is part of the Control Arms campaign begun worldwide in October... (

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