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Gun Policy News, 3 December 2004


3 December 2004

Voice of America

Dunblane, Scotland. March 13, 1996. A man walks into a school with a number of handguns and opens fire. Sixteen kindergarten children and a teacher are slaughtered. Britain reacts with such revulsion that Parliament enacts a nationwide ban on privately owned handguns. Littleton, Colorado. April 20, 1999. Two students at Columbine High School enter with a number of weapons including a modified semi-automatic handgun. The pair opens fire, killing twelve fellow students... (

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3 December 2004

ABC News (USA)

If you and your co-workers could bring guns to work and keep them nearby, would that make you safer? That is the idea behind an Oklahoma law that went into effect Nov. 1, requiring employers to allow their workers to bring guns to work and leave them in their locked cars in the parking lot. Three companies — Whirlpool, The Williams Cos. and ConocoPhillips — filed suit in U.S. District Court in Tulsa, claiming the law is unconstitutional because it violates their... (

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3 December 2004

Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh)

The hunting season traditionally brings a dramatic increase in firearms and ammunition violations at Pittsburgh International Airport. This year is no exception, according to Transportation Security Administration officials who said there were more than a dozen violations at the airport on Wednesday, including improper packaging of ammunition and undeclared or improperly packaged firearms. At least 20 violations have been reported at the airport since the state's... (

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3 December 2004

Chicago Sun-Times, Editorial

The other day we observed that bad things happen when lawmakers aren't paying attention. But the latest revelation about the pork-packed $388 billion Omnibus Appropriations Act — passed with few, if any, legislators reading the entire bill — is jaw-dropping in what it says about congressional irresponsibility and cynicism. The bill cut funding for a program to prosecute gun crimes, a project backed by John Ashcroft and even the National Rifle Association. At issue... (

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3 December 2004

Times of Zambia (Ndola)

Police in Lusaka recovered over 35 assorted firearms from motorists at various checkpoints last month, Lusaka Province police chief Chendela Musonda, has said. Mr Musonda said several people were arrested at roadblocks in connection with the recovered firearms. And Home Affairs Minister, Ronnie Shikapwasha, has defended the numerous roadblocks in the capital, which he said were meant to check the alarming cases of armed robberies. Lieutenant-General Shikapwasha... (

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3 December 2004

Associated Press

DOVER, New Hampshire — Police seized firearms and ammunition from an apartment complex and arrested one resident whose walls had at least 30 bullet holes. Michael R. Steward, 19, was arraigned yesterday on charges of reckless conduct and possessing a firearm without a serial number, police said. They said he fired a .22-caliber rifle inside his apartment. Firefighters responding to smoke at the complex Wednesday night found the firearms, nine rifles, a handgun,... (

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3 December 2004

American Spectator, Opinion

Remember S. 1805, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act? It blocked most gun liability suits in federal and state courts. Back in March, the Senate rejected the bill, 90-8. Even its Republican sponsors turned against it, as did the National Rifle Association. That's because wily opponents had added two "poison pill" amendments — the most important of which extended the ban on so-called assault weapons. To the pro-gun crowd, killing the assault weapons ban... (

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3 December 2004

Canadian Press

MONTREAL — Every year, in memorial ceremonies across the country, Genevieve Bergeron's name is heard first when the list of the victims of Canada's worst mass shooting is read. The tragedy of her death overshadows her life for most Canadians. They're seldom told she was a loving, inspirational sister, a top student, a gifted musician and a talented athlete. "For me, she was like the sun," said Catherine Bergeron, who fought tenaciously for tougher gun laws after her... (

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