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Gun Policy News, 26 November 2004


26 November 2004

Australian (Sydney)

To raise money for a local school project, residents in Lampasas, Texas, are turning to a time-honoured tradition, the raffle. But their fundraiser has a unique twist — the winner walks off with two rifles. Lampasas, located in central Texas Hill Country, wants to raise about $US15,000 to build a fence around parts of Hanna Springs Intermediate School, where a known sexual predator has been seen near campus. Officials said it is easier to raise money selling guns in... (

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26 November 2004

Capital Times (Wisconsin), Editorial

At the risk of noting the obvious, Sunday's deadly confrontation between a semiautomatic weapon-wielding Minnesotan and a group of hunters in northern Wisconsin can and should be factored into debates about the availability of semiautomatic and automatic weapons. When hunters in Sawyer County confronted the Minnesotan — a 36-year-old Hmong immigrant named Chai Vang who was in a deer stand on private property and told him that he would have to leave — several of the... (

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26 November 2004

Chicago Tribune

University of Utah duels with officials who say it must submit to law that ordered it to allow concealed arms. SALT LAKE CITY — In this reddest of red states it's not surprising to find fierce gun-rights advocates who put weapons right up there with God and country. What is startling to many, however, is that some are advocating for concealed firearms to be allowed on public university campuses. "Most people understand that young people and guns are not a good... (

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26 November 2004

Washington Post

More Powerful Models Used in Shootings Giving Toy a Bad Name When George W. Bush was 16 or so, the frogs in the pond outside his boyhood home in Midland, Tex., weren't the only targets the future president shot at with his trusty BB gun. "He said, 'I'm going to count to 10, and you run all the way down the hall,' " the president's little brother, Neil Bush, recalled at a Utah Republican Party dinner in Provo two years ago, according to the Deseret News. Big brother... (

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26 November 2004

BBC News

A gun enthusiast who sparked a major security alert at Coventry Airport after a gun was found in his car has been jailed for five years. Edward Garofano, 41, from Bromsgrove, was arrested on 25 July after security staff noticed him behaving strangely. It sparked off a major alert at the airport and a flight to Venice was delayed for four hours. Police later discovered more firearms at his home. Garofano admitted nine firearm offences at Coventry Crown Court on... (

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26 November 2004

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

BRAUNSCHWEIG — A twelve-year-old boy from the town of Braunschweig confessed on Thursday to murdering his parents in early November, the public prosecutor in charge of the case said. The boy had been in a coma for several weeks after severely wounding himself in a suicide attempt following the crime. He told investigators this week that he shot both his parents after a fight about his school grades. The 12-year-old boy, who used his father's gun, cannot be held... (

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