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Gun Policy News, 25 November 2004

Nouvelle Zélande

25 November 2004

NewstalkZB (NZ)

Name suppression has been lifted for a former Tauranga city councillor charged with illegal possession of a pistol. Brad Shipton has entered a plea of not guilty. His case is due back in court in late January. Police arrested and charged him in July this year, after seizing a Colt 45 handgun. Brad Shipton is a former top detective who has since been involved in the security industry and in running local... (

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25 November 2004

ABC News (Australia)

Police are being called on to tighten their procedures for tracking the source of firearms recovered after crimes involving weapons in South Australia. Democrat Ian Gilfillan says he is concerned by a lack of police progress regarding hundreds of guns stolen from a Peterborough dealer five years ago. Mr Gilfillan wants a greater effort made in tracking down the source of firearms used in violent crimes. He cites crimes such as the shooting of mental health director... (

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25 November 2004

Institute for War & Peace Reporting

MAZAR-E-SHARIF — Accidental deaths from firearms are common, but Afghans are reluctant to give up their prized guns. "I didn't mean to kill him, but the gun went off by mistake." That was Gul Halim's explanation for the death of his friend last week. Halim said he wanted to tease Sharif, so as a joke, he pointed his Kalashnikov at him. The gun went off, and Sharif, 27, was killed instantly. Halim, 35, is now in prison in Samangan province. Sharif's family filed... (

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25 November 2004

Kathimerini (Greece)

Greece's top living composer, a leading light of the pro-democracy movement against the 1967-74 military dictatorship, has agreed to the ultimate challenge — to persuade his fellow Cretans to abandon their rampant gun culture. Public Order Minister Giorgos Voulgarakis — a Cretan himself — announced yesterday that Mikis Theodorakis, 79, has accepted his invitation to lead an anti-gun campaign on the notoriously trigger-happy island. Voulgarakis made the... (

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25 November 2004

Asian Age (India)

KANPUR — Money power and influence can get you places in Kanpur, even if you're caught brandishing a gun yards away from Sachin Tendulkar inside Green Park, the maximum-security Test match venue in Kanpur. Taslimuddin "Pasha" Siddique, the son of Kanpur Cricket Association president Naimuddin Siddique, was let off on a personal bond by the police here barely an hour after he was arrested for carrying a revolver inside the ground on the last day of the first Test... (

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25 November 2004

Bonner County Daily Bee (Sandpoint, Idaho), Editorial

Either hunter orange should be mandatory for hunters in Idaho or there needs to be an IQ test for anyone who applies for a hunting license. There is no reason enjoying the great outdoors in North Idaho should be a death sentence or a shooting gallery but it has been this year. Steven Seppala, 43, of Ponderay was shot and killed at close ranger in October while hunting in the St. Joe National Forest. Even though he wasn't wearing hunter orange, the fact the shooting... (

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25 November 2004

Associated Press

LONDON — Princess Diana's former lover, who was found drunk and carrying cocaine earlier this year, is a potential danger to public safety who should be barred from keeping weapons, a court was told Thursday. James Hewitt, 46, has appealed the revocation of his firearms license. Lawyers for the police told Blackfriars Crown Court in London that Hewitt was drunk and had cocaine in his pocket when he was detained July 21 outside a restaurant with girlfriend Alison... (

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25 November 2004

Press Association (UK)

Royal love rat James Hewitt was branded a "liar" by a judge today as he refused the ex-soldier's bid to have his gun licences returned. He said the former lover of Diana, Princess of Wales, who was arrested earlier this year for cocaine possession, had "flagrantly abused the privilege" that came with being allowed to possess shotguns and rifles. After hearing how the "drunken" 46-year-old had left one of his weapons on his living room floor, Judge Charles Byers said... (

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25 November 2004

Detroit Free Press, Opinion

In a nation where the number of nut cases running loose seems to have increased exponentially in the past decade or so, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that a deer hunter is accused of killing six other hunters and wounding two more in Wisconsin after an argument over trespassing. And I guess it's even more surprising that incidents in which hunters deliberately shoot other hunters are rare, considering the potential for mayhem with all of those armed amateurs... (

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25 November 2004

Beacon News (Chicago)

YORKVILLE — A Hinckley attorney has been convicted of unlawful use of a weapon after he brought a loaded gun to Kendall County court in his briefcase. A jury found that David Freriks, 54, of the 100 block of Maple Street, had brought a loaded 9 mm Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handgun to the courthouse on Sept. 13, 2004. "It's one of the strangest cases we've seen," said Kendall County Assistant State's Attorney Eric Weis. The gun was found inside Freriks'... (

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25 November 2004

Morton Grove Champion (Illinois)

Morton Grove Police will continue to enforce the village's historic handgun ban despite a bill approved this week over a governor's veto aimed at curtailing local gun laws. Senate Bill 2165, which bars local prosecutions in self-defense cases, was drafted last year in response to an incident involving Wilmette resident Hale DeMar, who shot and wounded a burglar in his home. DeMar was cleared of any wrongdoing in the shooting, but faces a fine and loss of two handguns... (

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25 November 2004

La Nacion (Argentina)

La mujer que cambió las reglas en Australia: Consiguió recolectar 700.000 armas En uno de los videos promocionales de la Asociación Nacional del Rifle (NRA), que en los Estados Unidos defiende el derecho a la tenencia y portación de armas, se dice de Rebecca Peters: "Es como una granada de mano con la espoleta a punto de salirse … es una persona muy peligrosa". Ella contesta: "Trabajamos en cuestiones en las que se define la vida o la muerte, y en eso es más... (

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