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Gun Policy News, 22 November 2004


22 November 2004

Time (USA)

Homicides in U.S. workplaces have fallen nearly 40% in the past decade. Even so, Oklahoma passed a law forbidding employers to ban guns from company parking lots. State legislator Jerry Ellis says law-abiding hunters should be allowed to stow firearms in their cars at work. Employees with violent intent, Ellis says, "are not going to be stopped no matter how many laws you have." The Whirlpool appliance company, backed by other Oklahoma businesses, is suing to keep... (

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22 November 2004

Denver Post (Colorado)

WASHINGTON — Emboldened by the results of the month's elections, the nation's largest gun lobby will push again for a federal law shielding gunmakers and sellers from lawsuits. When the new Congress convenes in January, the National Rifle Association says, it will have four more pro-gun senators. The trade group hopes that will help make the difference in passing a bill that died in the Senate in March. "The chance of success is greater this time," said Bob Levy,... (

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22 November 2004

New York Times / AP

BIRCHWOOD, Wisconsin — As several deer hunters made their way through the woods of northern Wisconsin, they were startled to come upon a stranger in their tree stand. Asked to leave, the trespasser, wearing blaze-orange and carrying a semiautomatic assault rifle, opened fire on the hunters and didn't stop until his 20-round clip was empty, leaving five people dead and three wounded, authorities said. The shooter was eventually captured. The killings baffled... (

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22 November 2004

Chicago Sun-Times, Editorial

It's understandable that people who have been victimized or otherwise touched by gun crimes would harbor ill feelings toward gun manufacturers. But in dismissing a $433 million lawsuit against the gun industry Thursday, a suit that claimed it created a public nuisance, the Illinois Supreme Court did the right thing. It's not gun makers who should be targeted, it's irresponsible gun dealers. That isn't to say all gun shops are doing something illegal. But those that... (

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22 November 2004

Press Herald (Maine), Editorial

The startling photos of Portland High School students striking poses with firearms on a commercial Web site have rightly concerned police and school officials. School officials, though, aren't quite as worried as they should be. They took the right actions by suspending the four students and notifying police about the photographs. Police Chief Michael Chitwood reacted perhaps a little too strongly, holding a press conference Thursday at which he called for the kids... (

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22 November 2004

Jamaica Observer, Editorial

The problem of personal security is real in Jamaica. It is quite understandable, therefore, that may people, in several walks of life, believe that they need to own guns for their protection. Indeed, gun ownership, legal and illegal, is high in Jamaica. We all know only too well the consequence of this fact — mostly with regard to the guns that are in the hands of persons who acquire them illegally. The vast majority of the 1,300 homicides in Jamaica so far this... (

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