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Gun Policy News, 20 November 2004


20 November 2004

Washington Monthly; December issue

There aren't too many states in the union redder than Montana. George Bush won the state by more than 20 points in November. The state legislature and governorship in the capital, Helena, have been in GOP hands for 16 years. Sparsely-populated Montana is represented by only one congressman, the far-right Rep. Denny Rehberg, and by two senators, an ultra-conservative Republican (Conrad Burns) and a conservative Democrat (Max Baucus) who often votes with the Republicans.... (

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20 November 2004

Associated Press

CHICAGO — Maybe it will be another parent who receives the worst news possible, that their child has been fatally shot. Maybe it will be a lawmaker. Or one of the college kids Steve Young teaches about guns and the law. Young knows the danger far too well. Eight years ago, he was the one hearing the words that his 19-year-old son, Andrew, had been shot to death by a teenager. He and other families hit by gun violence sued in an attempt to force gunmakers and sellers... (

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