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Gun Policy News, 18 November 2004


18 November 2004

New York Times / AP

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois — The Illinois Supreme Court threw out two lawsuits accusing gunmakers of knowingly letting weapons fall into the hands of gang members and other criminals, ruling Thursday that the manufacturers cannot legally be blamed for street violence. Both rulings were unanimous, but five of the seven justices were so disturbed by allegations raised in the case that they wrote a separate opinion urging the Legislature to create tougher gun... (

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18 November 2004

Chicago Tribune

Furious that the Illinois House approved a law this week undercutting the village's handgun ban, Wilmette officials were searching for new ways Wednesday to make it difficult for residents to own a gun. Timothy Frenzer, village attorney, said that because Wilmette operates under home rule, he believes that the Village Board can adopt a local ordinance exempting the community from the law. Even proponents of the measure agreed it doesn't pre-empt home rule, he... (

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18 November 2004

Sun (UK)

A man found carrying a tiny gun on his key ring was jailed for 6½ years yesterday. Junior Collins' weapon, just 3ins long, was loaded with two live 6.35mm rounds capable of killing a person. He was stopped by police probing gang activity in Hulme, Manchester, after speeding in his VW Bora. The cops searched the vehicle, then found the gun on his car key fob. The weapon is cocked by pulling a part of the key ring. Two buttons on the fob act as the trigger.... (

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18 November 2004

Monument (Maine)

NEW GLOUCESTER — Deborah Wharf, owner and resident of Deb's Barnyard and Kennel in New Gloucester, is currently engaged in a civil suit against the Royal River Rod and Gun Club for what she claims is their negligent practices of handling of firearms. Hundreds of spent rounds of varying calibers have been recovered from Wharf's property, which adjoins that of the gun club, and have been submitted as evidence of the club's failure to adequately satisfy safety measures... (

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18 November 2004

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Ohio)

COLUMBUS — County sheriffs must process applications for a temporary emergency license to carry a concealed gun from residents with an affidavit that says they or their families are in danger, the Ohio Supreme Court said yesterday. In its first ruling on the state's new concealed-carry law, justices unanimously said applicants need only the affidavit and no other proof to be eligible for a 90-day temporary license. Advocates of the law called it a "huge victory"... (

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18 November 2004

WNEP News (Pennsylvania)

It was suppose to last for at least five days but a gun buy back program officially ended the same night it bagan. There were so many people, so many guns taken in and so many gift certificates handed out, they ran out of money. Luzerne County had $8,000 in grant money and used all in one day. The response was so great that the county ran out of Wal-Mart gift certificates in an hour and a half. The doors of the Luzerne County Emergency Management building opened at... (

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Australie,Nations Unies

18 November 2004

Canberra Times, Opinion

In recent weeks much of the world's attention has been focused on the failing health and eventual death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. To some of his supporters, he was a statesman, to many others he was the epitome of the 20th century revolutionary and terrorist. This month has also seen celebrations in Russia for the 85th birthday of Mikhail Kalashnikov — the designer of the ubiquitous Kalashnikov military rifle. In his younger days, Arafat could more... (

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