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Gun Policy News, 9 November 2004

Israël,Côte d'Ivoire

9 November 2004

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

The Director General of the Ministry of Defense has ordered the immediate cessation of arms deals to the Ivory Coast [Côte d'Ivoire]. Amos Yaron issued instructions Tuesday to suspend granting of all export licenses and negotiation for arms contracts with the beleaguered West African state. "This decision was made in light of the recent developments in this country and at the request of the French government. It will remain in effect until the situation in that... (

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9 November 2004

Courier-Mail (Brisbane)

Australians surrendered enough firepower to equip a small army under a recent handgun amnesty program. More than 68,000 handguns and 328,000 parts were ceded during the national handgun buyback scheme, which came to an end in June this year. The program saw $93 million in compensation paid out by the Federal and State Governments for the mix of registered and unregistered handguns and gun parts. Victoria lived up to its gun-toting reputation, with 18,626 handguns and... (

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9 November 2004

Herald Sun (Melbourne)

Victorians surrendered more pistols than any other state under a recent amnesty program. A total of 18,626 pistols and 45,229 parts were ceded during the buyback scheme. About $23 million in compensation was paid to Victorians. Australians surrendered enough firepower to equip a small army under the amnesty. The ban on pistols with a calibre above .38 and limits on barrel length followed the shooting of two students by a licensed gun owner at Monash University in... (

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