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Gun Policy News, 3 November 2004


3 November 2004

Bloomberg (USA)

London's armed police officers resumed their duties, ending a dispute over the suspension of two colleagues that had left the U.K. capital with a temporary shortage of firearms specialists. Some of the Metropolitan Police's 400 firearms officers put down their weapons in protest earlier this week after a jury ruled that the decision of two officers to shoot a man who they believed was carrying a sawed-off shotgun was unlawful. The victim was actually carrying a table... (

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3 November 2004

BBC News

A dossier reportedly showing guns for sale on auction website eBay is to be given to Home Secretary David Blunkett. The list, said to cover the last four days, is to highlight concerns Labour MP Steve McCabe has of "unscrupulous" sellers using the site. The Birmingham Hall Green MP is calling on the government to tighten laws to end the alleged practice. But eBay said it was "determinedly" opposed to gun sales and already took many of the precautions he suggested.... (

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3 November 2004

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court considered Wednesday whether people convicted of a crime overseas can be barred from owning a gun in the United States, with the argument at times centering on how the absent Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist might rule. On a day President Bush appeared poised to clinch a victory and avoid legal challenges, the eight justices went about their normal business of hearing arguments and bantered lightheartedly at times. Rehnquist,... (

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3 November 2004

Great Falls Tribune (Montana)

A Great Falls man who investigators say has repeatedly threatened to go on a "killing spree" again changed his plea Tuesday, this time to one count of making machine guns, a charge that involves the conversion of seven weapons from semi to fully automatic. "I am guilty of it, that's for sure," 39-year-old Keith Richard Faherty told U.S. District Judge Sam E. Haddon. In the wake of a 9th Circuit Court ruling affecting the way sentences are levied, Faherty, 1517 2nd... (

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