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Gun Policy News, 1 November 2004


1 November 2004

Telegraph (UK)

Britain's gun laws are aimed at the wrong target, curbing and criminalising legal ownership while failing to tackle huge rises in shooting offences over the past few years, according to an international firearms legislation expert. Prof Gary Mauser said that Britain was making the same mistake as Canada and Australia in focusing on legal owners — a section of the law-abiding community where gun crimes, such as the Dunblane massacre, were aberrations. The Home Office... (

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1 November 2004

Associated Press

CHICAGO — They are often considered toys, but BB guns and other nonpowder guns are sometimes lethal and injure more than 21,000 Americans annually, according to a new report. Nonpowder guns kill an average of four Americans yearly, and from 1990 to 2000, there were 39 such deaths, according to the report, being published Monday in the journal Pediatrics. Thirty-two of the deaths were children younger than 15. The report comes after the BB gun death of an 8-year-old... (

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1 November 2004

Nacion (Argentina), Editorial

El terrible episodio de Carmen de Patagones ha generado reacciones de muy diferente naturaleza, opiniones variadas y criterios no siempre coincidentes en torno de lo que se puede y se debe hacer para evitar la repetición de situaciones similares. Una de las ideas que más difusión ha tenido es la de establecer controles más estrictos acerca de la posesión de armas en el hogar, particularmente las de fuego. También se ha hablado mucho acerca de la necesidad de... (

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1 November 2004

Yemen Times

DAR AL-SALAAM — The House of Peace has been working hard to fight against Yemen being awash with weapons since it was established in 1997. According to Abdul Rahman Al-Marwani, Head and Founder of Dar Al-Salaam, the organization aims at reducing the availability and use of weapons. "We are working on peace and tolerance and how to spread it," said Al-Marwani. "Our most important activities are to spread peace and tolerance, and it has started with social awareness."... (

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1 November 2004

Guardian (UK)

On the fringe of north India, five sweating men expertly scythe their way through a golden-green field of paddy. The air is thick with the whoosh of sharpened blades. Nearby, bullocks loll and veiled women walk carrying cowpats on their heads for use as fuel. Beneath the rural idyll, however, lies a village in torment because of a radical new population control measure: guns for sterilisation. Three months ago, officials in three districts of Uttar Pradesh, India's... (

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