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Gun Policy News, 27 August 2004


27 August 2004

Times of India

The gun used in the recent Juhu murders was procured in Assam. Just how easy is it for criminals to buy arms from other states? The recent double murder in Juhu (where two sisters killed each other's husbands) has highlighted a serious concern — criminals procuring arms licences from other states and using them in Mumbai. The licence for the weapon used in the Juhu murders was from Assam and was not registered here. As per the rules, anyone procuring an arms... (

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Puerto Rico

27 August 2004

Associated Press

SAN JUAN — The executive director of the Institute of Forensic Science, Pio Rechani Lopez, said the majority of murders and crimes on the island are committed with illegal and stolen weapons. Lopez made the statements on Thursday in public hearings of the House Committee of Public Integrity, that there are very few crimes committed with legal weapons. "There are illegal weapons arriving from other countries or the United States that enter the island as contraband... (

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27 August 2004

Australian Associated Press

Rwandan President Paul Kagame's bodyguards have had their guns confiscated by police and customs officials at a north Queensland airport. A spokesman for federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said the bodyguards ignored advice before their arrival at Townsville on Wednesday that under Australia's security arrangements for foreign dignitaries they would not be allowed to carry guns. "This is generally a no-no and they were aware of that when they arrived," the... (

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27 August 2004

Ghana News Agency

ACCRA — The Ghana National Commission on Small Arms (GNCSA) has begun a survey and monitoring programme on small arms manufacturing to control their proliferation as they have been a factor in fuelling ethnic conflicts. Mr Hackman Owusu-Agyemang, Minister of the Interior, told a press conference on Friday that there was the need for public sensitisation programmes against the proliferation of small arms, especially the unlicensed ones to ensure public safety. He... (

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27 August 2004

San Francisco Chronicle

MILLBRAE, California — A cache of 130 guns reported stolen from a Millbrae storage facility was owned by a small Santa Cruz County real estate and financial company that also offered gun-brokering services, helping owners transfer firearms to other buyers, authorities said Thursday. Kenneth Doolittle, owner of Monterey Bay Investments Corp. of Aptos, reported to Millbrae police Aug. 19 that the guns had been stolen from Annie's Attic Self Storage, police said. On... (

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27 August 2004

Cronista (Argentina)

More than 100,000 people gathered outside Argentina's Congress last night to demand the government crack down on violent crime and make changes to laws to increase security, El Cronista newspaper said. The father of Axel Blumberg, 23, who was kidnapped and murdered in March, helped organized the march. Juan Carlos Blumberg, Axel's father, gave a list of demands to legislators to help boost security, including increased penalties for illegal firearms and steps to make... (

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27 August 2004

Journal Register News Service (USA)

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island — U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy had some strong words for President George Bush Thursday when he joined Providence Mayor David Cicilline, local politicians, law enforcement officials and anti-gun activists to call for an extension of the 1994 assault weapons ban. The ban prohibits the sale and importation of certain military-style, semi-automatic assault weapons and ammunition magazines with capacities over 10 rounds. Without the president's... (

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Afrique du Sud

27 August 2004

Mercury (Durban), Opinion

Control and responsible management of firearms in society is crucial, and legislation is necessary in this regard. However, the purpose of such legislation should be to control and manage legal firearms, not damage business and disarm law-abiding citizens. In this regard, the new legislation targets legal firearm owners and does little to limit illegal firearms in South Africa. At present, almost 2.5 million South African firearm owners own 3.6 million firearms. These... (

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Puerto Rico,États-Unis

27 August 2004

Associated Press

SAN JUAN — The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, a U.S. group that is leading the fight to extend the federal ban on the manufacture and sale of assault weapons, has censured San Juan mayor Jorge Santini, for his opposition to renewing the ban. Brian Malte, spokesman for the campaign chairman, publicly endorsed Santini's opponent in the race for the office of mayor San Juan, Eduardo Bhatia, and called Santini's opposition to the Federal Assault Weapons Ban... (

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27 August 2004

Tri-Valley Herald (California)

The state Legislature approved a ban on high-powered .50-caliber rifles this week that would far exceed the restrictions on the weapon enacted by Contra Costa County last spring. The legislation, sponsored by Assemblyman Paul Koretz, D-West Hollywood, would make it illegal to manufacture, sell, distribute, import or possess a .50-caliber Browning Machine Gun (BMG) rifle without a permit in California. If signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bill likely... (

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