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Gun Policy News, 25 August 2004


25 August 2004

Chicago Sun-Times

ILLINOIS — Declaring "the front line of the war against terror once again involves the citizens," Republican Alan Keyes said Tuesday he believes the U.S. Constitution grants properly trained private individuals the right to own and carry machine guns. "You're not talking about giving citizens access to atom bombs and other things," the former presidential candidate said. "That's ridiculous." But the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate argued the founding fathers intended... (

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25 August 2004

Canoe News (Canada)

More than 1 million guns remain unregistered in Canada, 18 months after a government-imposed registration deadline, a document released by the Canada Firearms Centre confirms. The total number of valid firearm licence holders who still haven't registered a gun stands at 406,834. The admission is proof of "massive non-compliance and incompetence," fumed Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz, who obtained the latest numbers through an Access to Information request. The... (

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25 August 2004

Evening Standard (London)

The British Government has been sending aid to Sudan and elsewhere in Africa on airlines accused by the UN of gunrunning. Yesterday, the Department for International Development (DfID) suspended all future contracts with Buraq Air, its main operator of relief flights to Sudan, and launched an inquiry after the Evening Standard told it about the firm's record. The DfID used Libya-based Buraq as recently as two weeks ago and another cargo airline, Aerocom, in... (

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