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Gun Policy News, 23 August 2004

Afrique du Sud

23 August 2004

Mercury (Durban)

Prospective black firearm owners, who claim they have been wrongly targeted by the new gun laws, took to the streets of Pretoria over the weekend in protest. More than 450 members of the Black Gun Owners' Association handed over a memorandum of their grievances at the offices of the minister for safety and security in Pretorius Street on Saturday. They claim the government is forcing blacks to buy cheaper illegal firearms, as it appears they are being discriminated... (

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23 August 2004

Sunday East African Standard (Kenya)

As the use of illegal firearms in Kenya spirals beyond government control, a new study now suggests that addressing the demand side of the problem could just provide a lasting solution. In the monograph, Guns in the Borderland: Reducing the Demand for Small Arms, security consultant Taya Weiss details the finding of her research and interviews in different areas in Kenya mostly affected by the use of illegal arms. According to Ms Weiss, who works at the South... (

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23 August 2004

New York Post

Senator Charles Schumer is urging Wal-Mart and Kmart department stores not to sell assault weapons, even though a federal ban will expire next month. "You hear a lot about corporate responsibility these days — well, this is an easy way for the big store chains to do the right thing for the communities they serve and keep military-style, cop-killing weapons off our streets," Schumer said yesterday during a press conference in front of Kmart on Astor Place, which never... (

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23 August 2004

Christian Science Monitor, Opinion

SEATTLE — The late President Ronald Reagan affirmed to Congress that a ban on assault weapons was common sense public safety legislation. Through the tireless efforts of law-enforcement leaders and concerned citizens over many years working to rid the streets of dangerous assault weapons, the Assault Weapons Ban was finally passed into law in 1994. Congress passed this landmark legislation with the support and approval of Presidents Ford, Carter, and Clinton. The... (

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