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Gun Policy News, 22 August 2004


22 August 2004

Indianapolis Star (Indiana)

Many Indiana lawmakers say they wouldn't ban assault weapons, despite last week's shooting rampage that left one Indianapolis policeman dead and four wounded. But calls last week to more than half of the state's 150 legislators found much more interest in finding ways to keep guns out of the hands of people such as Kenneth C. Anderson, a schizophrenic who used an SKS military-style rifle to kill Patrolman Timothy "Jake" Laird during 16 terror-filled minutes early... (

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22 August 2004

Myrtle Beach Sun Times (South Carolina), Opinion

A building, farm house, home, bridge or road intersection is easier to defend with few people than is a collection of buildings, farm houses or homes, or a wider geographic area. Gun-control laws, like all ill-advised measures, have unintended, often unfortunate, consequences. This is especially true in the post-Sept. 11, 2001, environment. Recently, Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge upgraded the nation's alert status because of credible intelligence that... (

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