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Gun Policy News, 20 August 2004


20 August 2004

Macedonian Information Agency

Most of crime acts in Macedonia are perpetrated by weapons and under the influence of narcotics, with men aged 19-30 being the most common victims, stated the participants at the roundtable within the journalist seminar on small arms and weapons. Hans Rieser from the Bonn International Center said that the research in Macedonia in 2003 registered an increase in the use of firearms in 2002 incidents in relation to the 2001 ones. This is especially the case with the... (

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20 August 2004

InterPress Service

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil's national civil disarmament campaign will triple or quadruple the government's goal of collecting and destroying 80,000 firearms in civilian hands this year. But it could increase that quantity tenfold if civil society were given greater participation, said Antonio Rangel, coordinator of the Viva Rio arms reduction project in Rio de Janeiro, who based his argument on the fact that 57,000 weapons have already been handed over by civilians in... (

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20 August 2004

Daily Nation (Nairobi)

The explosion of a long-standing land dispute into a full-fledged gun battle in Marakwet District on Friday, last week, has placed the area leadership in an awkward situation and exposed a serious security lapse. In the past, residents of the North Rift amassed arms to defend themselves against attackers from the neighbouring districts. It is said, of course in jest, that illegal arms in Marakwet, West Pokot and East Baringo Districts are enough to equip a whole army... (

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20 August 2004

BBC News

Scotland's largest police force has reported a large increase in the number of calls it has dealt with involving firearms. A 27% per cent rise in gun emergencies has been reported in Strathclyde in the past four months, compared to the same period last year. Last week alone there were six, including a young boy with learning difficulties carrying an air weapon. But police report a fall in the criminal use of firearms. Assistant chief constable Ricky Gray... (

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20 August 2004

Namibian (Windhoek), Editorial

Recent violent crimes against women have been roundly condemned by a number of Namibian institutions, among others the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) and the Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN). Most of those condemning the senseless killings have called for concrete plans of action to deal with violent crime, and of course there is a need to look holistically at a problem that is skyrocketing in Namibia, whether they be robbery-motivated attacks,... (

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20 August 2004

Vietnam News Agency

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia and Thailand will work closely to stem firearms, drugs and women trafficking, Malaysian Internal Security Deputy Minister Noh Omar said on Thursday. The agreement was reached during his two-day visit to Phuket, Thailand beginning on Sunday. Both countries discussed transborder security and steps to address criminal activities, especially in southern Thailand, local media said. Malaysia and Thailand also agreed to conduct joint courses at the... (

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20 August 2004

Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — A police official who was forced by state law to return a cache of guns to a schizophrenic man five months before his Wednesday shooting spree left his mother and a patrolman dead wants state lawmakers to rewrite the law. Jill Clouse, acting legal adviser to Police Chief Jerry Barker, said the law should not have forced her to return seized weapons to 33-year-old Kenneth Anderson. "Because the law required it, I had to adhere to that requirement," she... (

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20 August 2004

Associated Press

TAMPA, Florida — A Colombian arms broker was charged with trying to buy $4 million in grenade launchers, machine guns, other high-powered weapons and munitions for a leftist rebel group and promising 2 tons of cocaine as partial payment. The drugs-for-weapons deal negotiated by Carlos Gamarra Murillo would have supplied the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, with shipments through Venezuela, investigators charged. Attorney General John Ashcroft says... (

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20 August 2004

Christian Science Monitor, Editorial

Ever since Hollywood popularized Wyatt Earp, Annie Oakley, and Al Capone, more children have wanted to play with guns. But the guns kids play with these days are hardly crude mockups of the pearl-handled six-shooters of yesteryear. They include air guns that shoot plastic BBs, paint guns, laser guns, and other types — including those that look like automatic assault rifles. In a media environment permeated with violence, parents should seriously reconsider letting... (

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20 August 2004

New Vision (Kampala)

Uganda MPs on Wednesday asked their Kenyan counterparts what their government was doing to disarm cattle rustlers and stop the illegal small arms trade. Simon Mayende (Samia Bugwe South), chairperson of Parliament's committee on defence, chaired a meeting with Kenyan MPs from the defence and foreign relations committee at Parliament. Kenyan MPs are visiting regional parliaments to lobby for the creation of a parliamentary forum to stop conflicts and arms trade. Five... (

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