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Gun Policy News, 18 August 2004


18 August 2004

New York Times, Opinion

MERIDIAN, Idaho — If you've been longing for your very own assault rifle and 30-round magazine for the next holiday season, you're in luck. President Bush, sidestepping a promise, is allowing the ban on assault rifles and oversized clips to expire on Sept. 14. So at a gun store here in Meridian, a bit west of Boise, the counter has a display promising "2 FREE HIGH-CAPACITY MAGAZINES." All you have to do is purchase a new Beretta 9-millimeter handgun and you'll... (

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18 August 2004

Press Association (UK)

More than 2,000 guns used in serious crimes in the UK have been flown to the United States to be made into a peace fountain. The weapons were gathered from police forces across the UK and left Manchester for Ohio on Tuesday. They will be melted down and used to built the fountain, which aims to create the symbol of peace out of decommissioned firearms from all over the world. The fountain is due to be completed in Ohio by September 11, 2006. Greater Manchester... (

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18 August 2004

Baton Rouge Advocate (Louisiana), Editorial

While the prosecution of gun crimes should be a local responsibility, the fact is the federal government is making it a priority for prosecutors. For most people, it probably does not matter what level of government is getting bad guys off the streets. If there is a threat of a federal prosecution, and long sentences in the federal prison system, then that should have some deterrent effect on violent crime. For that reason, we welcome the publicity given the... (

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18 August 2004

Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, California — Saying police officers increasingly face split-second decisions regarding children with realistic-looking toy guns, the state Assembly passed legislation Wednesday to hike penalties for carrying or waving imitation guns in public. After a display of real-looking toy guns caused a stir on the Assembly floor, lawmakers voted 62-2 to allow fines of $100 and $300 for first offenses, and making a third offense a misdemeanor crime. The vote... (

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18 August 2004

UN Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN)

NAIROBI, Kenya — The United Nations Security Council has condemned continuing violations of an arms embargo on war-ravaged Somalia, and extended the mandate of a group tasked with monitoring the 12-year-old ban on the export of weapons and military equipment to the Horn of Africa country. The Council said that weapons and ammunition supplies continued to flow to and through Somalia, and requested the UN Secretary-General "to re-establish, within 30 days and for a... (

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18 August 2004

Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)

Militia leader George Bilunka was getting ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ and the end of the world, but now he'll have to wait for both from behind bars. Bilunka, 59, of Atlantic, Crawford County, pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court in Erie to stockpiling illegal weapons in preparation for Armageddon. He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, although he probably won't get that much. The self-proclaimed leader of the Christian American... (

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18 August 2004

National Review (USA), Opinion

[T]he sovereign territorial state claims, as an integral part of its sovereignty, the right to commit genocide, or engage in genocidal massacres, against peoples under its rule, and … the United Nations, for all practical purposes, defends this right. To be sure, no state explicitly claims the right to commit genocide — this would not be morally acceptable even in international circles — but the right is exercised under other more acceptable rubrics … — Leo... (

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