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Gun Policy News, 17 August 2004


17 August 2004

New Era (Windhoek)

WINDHOEK — The newly formed Southern African Network on Small Arms (Saansa) has called on southern African governments to agree on having an arms trade treaty in time for the next UN arms conference in 2006. The call was made at a workshop on 'Control Arms Campaign' in South Africa recently, during which the organisation was formed by non-governmental organi-sations in the SADC region. The treaty will create legally binding arms control and ensure that all... (

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17 August 2004

Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS — Louisiana's three top federal prosecutors on Tuesday endorsed a new national awareness program that warns the public of stiff prison terms for illegal gun purchases. The program, "Don't Lie for the Other Guy," is sponsored by a national firearms sports group and will publicize a federal law against acting as an intermediary between a licensed gun dealer and someone for whom it's illegal to own a firearm. Violators of the law fuel "violent crimes... (

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17 August 2004


MONROE, Washington — When a man suffering from depression killed his 5-year-old grandson and then himself, his wife couldn't believe he'd been allowed to buy the weapon used in the killings, because of the 58-year-old man's pyschiatric history. Bryan Hetherwick bought a Russian-made Makarov handgun from the personal collection of a gun dealer in Mukilteo, about 25 miles north of Seattle, on the afternoon of Aug. 5, then less than three hours later shot his grandson,... (

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17 August 2004

Brazzil Magazine

Brazilians who own unregistered weapons must turn them in or register them by December 23. Brazil's Disarmament Statute determines that illegal bearing of weapons is a crime without bail. The country is now promoting a disarmament campaign. In one month, more than 50,000 guns have been surrendered to police. Brazil's first demolition of firearms turned in to the Federal Police (PF) as part of the National Disarmament Campaign will take place at a public ceremony in... (

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17 August 2004

New York Times, Opinion

When it comes to children and guns, there is some good news to report: According to a national study published in June in the journal Pediatrics, the rate of both fatal and nonfatal injuries inflicted by guns on children 14 and younger declined by more than 50 percent in the 1990's. But as promising as that statistic may sound, it is far from good enough. From 1993 through 2000, the study revealed, 22,661 children in that age group were treated in hospital emergency... (

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17 August 2004

International Herald Tribune

CHAMBERSBURG, Pennsylvania — In most of the world, the language of human rights and liberty is used to discuss universal issues, like the right to vote, to speak freely, to chose the place you live and work. But here, as in much of small town U.S.A., there is a peculiar "right" that sits curiously close to the American heart: The right to own and shoot a gun, which is protected by the vaguely worded Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. A well regulated... (

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17 August 2004

Washington Times

The federal assault-weapons ban, scheduled to expire in September, is not responsible for the nation's steady decline in gun-related violence and its renewal likely will achieve little, according to an independent study commissioned by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). "We cannot clearly credit the ban with any of the nation's recent drop in gun violence. And, indeed, there has been no discernible reduction in the lethality and injuriousness of gun violence,"... (

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17 August 2004

ABC News (Australia), Transcript

MARK COLVIN: In just under a fortnight, a group of 19 Australian Police will head off to Papua New Guinea on what'll be among the most complicated and challenging tasks of their careers. They're the first of a contingent of around 200 Australian police going to PNG under a radical new aid program called the Enhanced Co-operation Program. The package also includes judges, a solicitor-general, financial controllers and transport security officials. Shane McLeod... (

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