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Gun Policy News, 14 August 2004


14 August 2004

Seattle Times

A Monroe [Washington] man who shot and killed his 5-year-old grandson before turning the gun on himself last week had purchased the pistol less than three hours before the murder-suicide, police said. But police said that because he bought the gun from a private dealer's personal collection, a background check and a so-called "cooling-off" period weren't required. Still, police said they have asked federal agents to determine whether any laws were broken in the sale.... (

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14 August 2004

Straits Times (Singapore ) / AP / AFP

MANILA — Veteran print and radio journalist Juan Balagtas does not leave home in the volatile southern Philippine city of Zamboanga without a loaded handgun. He drives a van with tinted windows and pays a bodyguard to watch his back as he heads to the local radio station where his popular programme attacking corrupt politicians and Islamic militants airs daily. 'I carry a .45-calibre pistol if I go out. It's difficult to move around when you know you have... (

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14 August 2004

Boston Globe, Editorial

Boston's recent shootings are a reminder that gun violence must be fought at many levels, including by the federal government. But two recent reports found that existing federal laws are not being thoroughly enforced. Gun laws are designed to stop people who are legally banned from buying firearms, such as convicted felons, domestic abusers, drug addicts, and others. In reality, the system is frayed and guns fall into the wrong hands. Issued last month by the... (

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14 August 2004

Edinburgh Evening News (Scotland)

The number of incidents involving armed police has trebled in the past five years as replica guns flood on to the [Scottish] Capital's streets. New figures released by the Scottish Executive show a sharp increase in the number of police operations dealing with suspects who are believed to be armed. Lothian and Borders Police officers were issued with firearms 197 times during last 12 months, compared to just 66 incidents in 1999-2000. There were only 131 incidents... (

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14 August 2004

Fiji Times

Cabinet has agreed to a United Nations request to host a small arms seminar in Fiji next week. Home Affairs Minister Joketani Cokanasiga said the seminar would be organised by the UN's Department for Disarmament Affairs. The seminar is being arranged with the help of the Australian and Japanese governments. Mr Cokanasiga said 60 participants from Government and non-government organisations, mainly from the South Pacific, had been invited by the UN to attend. "Two... (

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14 August 2004

Hobart Mercury (Tasmania)

Tasmanian Liberal leader Rene Hidding and anti-gun campaigner Roland Browne have settled their defamation case. Mr Browne, a Hobart lawyer, sued Mr Hidding for defamation over a December, 2001 press release he issued. The press release, titled "Challenge to Roland Browne", was in response to comments by Mr Browne in his role as Coalition for Gun Control chairman about the Liberal's traditional recreation policy. Yesterday Mr Hidding confirmed a confidential... (

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