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Prévention de la violence armée, lois sur le contrôle des armes à feu et commerce des armes légères :

Gun Policy News, 6 August 2004


6 August 2004

InterPress Service

MEXICO CITY — More than 1.6 million firearms are in the hands of Central Americans who are dying and killing daily under the law of the gun. Guatemala — one of the nations hardest hit by weapons trafficking and use — is urging neighbouring countries to put a stop to the rhetoric and draw up a regional agreement that would make it possible to deal with this drastic situation. In El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, where violent crime is soaring, 70 percent of... (

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6 August 2004

Winnipeg Sun (Manitoba), Opinion

It happened in Australia last week. The robber waylaid Karen Brown in the carpark outside a Sydney hotel. Brown, a 42-year-old security guard, had just picked up a deposit bag containing the hotel take, something between $30,000 and $50,000. She was dressed in civilian clothes. The robber was wearing brass knuckles. Lifting Brown by the hair, he punched her repeatedly in the head and bashed her to the ground, fracturing her skull, an eye socket, her nose and left... (

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6 August 2004

Chicago Tribune, Editorial

The 10-year-old federal ban on semi-automatic assault weapons will expire next month, unless Congress breathes life into it. President Bush has said he supports an extension of the ban. Sen. John Kerry has said he supports an extension of the ban. In March, 52 U.S. senators voted in favor of the ban. Numerous polls show a solid majority of the American public supports an extension of the ban. But chances are that Congress will let it die. And you won't hear much of a... (

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