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Gun Policy News, 3 August 2004


3 August 2004


CHICAGO — Laws passed by 18 U.S. states requiring guns to be safely stored away from children have reduced the rate of teenage suicides, researchers said on Tuesday. The child access prevention laws implemented since 1989 may have prevented more than 300 suicides among 14- to 17-year-olds through 2001, according to the study by Daniel Webster of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore. Suicide is the third-leading cause of death among American... (

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3 August 2004

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia), Editorial

The gun extremists always ask why authorities don't enforce the firearms laws already on the books. It's a good question that ought to be directed to their patron saint, Attorney General John Ashcroft. As a result of Ashcroft's policy of keeping Brady Act background check records for only 24 hours, a new Justice Department review found that corrupt gun dealers had an easier time doctoring transactions and selling weapons to convicted felons. More than 7,000 people who... (

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Afrique du Sud,États-Unis

3 August 2004

Detroit Free Press, Opinion

One of South Africa's rugby-football stars of some years back woke up early one morning recently to hear his daughter's car start up. Fearing it was being stolen, he fired shots at the departing car. Then he found his daughter dead behind the steering wheel. In Johannesburg, a young boy was shot dead in cold blood and his brother seriously wounded by criminals who left the family's suburban home with nothing but the two youngsters' cell phones. "My son's life was... (

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3 August 2004

Washington Times

The erroneous arrest of two college students who were legally carrying guns in holsters in Fairfax County has galvanized Virginia's pro-gun lobby and gun-control activists. The Virginia Citizens Defense League, a pro-gun group, said it has drawn more than $600 in unsolicited donations, including $5 from a Marine lieutenant serving in Iraq, in response to the June 14 arrest. "The incident at Starbucks sent off fireworks everywhere," said Philip Van Cleave, president... (

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3 August 2004

Sunderland Echo (UK)

Armed police teams swooped on a Sunderland estate after eight youths were seen carrying guns. Two armed response vehicles went to Allendale Square, Farringdon, after neighbours spotted the mob of four gun-wielding girls and four boys. Inspector John Parish said: "A search of the area was carried out but the youths had disappeared. "This was potentially a very dangerous situation because the police don't know what type of guns are being carried — it could have been... (

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3 August 2004

Join Together Online gun violence web site (Boston)

While it remains to be seen whether a termination of the 1994 assault-weapons ban in September might yet infuse gun control into the 2004 election season, Democrats have moved so far away from the issue that they almost sound like Republicans. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) spoke on the need for the ban's extension during the Democratic National Convention, but her call for Congressional action on gun control has become a rarity within a party that once championed the... (

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3 August 2004

Post-Courier (Port Moresby)

Parliamentarians who used firearms to threaten or intimidate anyone within or outside Parliament precincts would be investigated, Chief Ombudsman Ila Geno has warned. Responding to queries raised by the Post-Courier on unsubstantiated allegations raised on the floor of Parliament that people armed with firearms threatened MPs to switch their allegiances, Mr Geno said the possession of firearms by members of Parliament or their staff within the precincts of Parliament... (

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3 August 2004

Institute for War & Peace Reporting

BAGHDAD — Iraqi arms dealers have no shortage of domestic clients, but their latest and most lucrative market is Saudi Arabia, where increased demand for small arms has caused a spike in prices inside Iraq. Abu Ahmed, an elderly man from Baghdad, has an eclectic local clientele for his gunrunning business, finding buyers among northern Kurds and southern Shia, as well as Sunnis from Fallujah and western Iraq. "I make a lot of money easily," said Abu Ahmed, talking... (

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