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Gun Policy News, 1 August 2004


1 August 2004

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

WASHINGTON — A ban on assault weapons passed by Congress in 1994 following a spate of shooting sprees looks as if it will slip away with scarcely a whimper next month. Gun advocates are eager to bid good riddance to what they say is flawed, ineffective legislation, and Utah's congressional delegation is just as willing to let it slide into oblivion. "We've lived with it now for almost 10 years, and the data shows it hasn't affected crime, so we're talking about... (

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Royaume-Uni,Irlande du Nord

1 August 2004

Belfast Telegraph (UK)

Hundreds of Ulster soldiers have been stripped of their personal protection weapons. Furious Royal Irish Regiment members claim they have been left defenceless against terrorist attacks and many have launched appeals to have their guns returned. DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson last night accused the Northern Ireland Office of pursuing a "dangerous strategy" and called on ministers to urgently re-think the issue. The Lagan Valley MP said the NIO had an "unwritten policy" to... (

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1 August 2004

Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas)

WASHINGTON — America's most intense gun-control debate in a decade is being played out against the backdrop of presidential politics this summer with the approaching expiration of a 10-year-old ban on assault weapons. The ban will expire Sept. 13 unless extended by Congress, and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land, has indicated that he's unlikely to bring it to a vote. President Bush has endorsed an extension of the ban, but he is not actively pushing... (

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1 August 2004 website (UK)

Starting Friday, July 30, carrying concealed weapons in public spaces is forbidden in Montenegro. According to the changes in the Law on Small Arms, and reiterated by the Ministry of the Interior, carrying concealed weapons in public places is a criminal offence and will be sanctioned with prison sentence. The Law provides a legal deadline of six months for all interested citizens to legalize the arms they posses. In addition, the Law provides one year period to... (

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1 August 2004

Chicago Tribune

WASHINGTON — When former President Bill Clinton sought to frame differences between Democrats and Republicans, he made a point of citing the soon-to-expire federal ban on semiautomatic assault weapons. "Our policy was to put more police on the street and to take assault weapons off the street, and it gave you eight years of declining crime and eight years of declining violence," Clinton said in his prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention last week.... (

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1 August 2004

Newsday (New York)

SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts — Strong sales of revolvers and pistols during the past year have helped Smith & Wesson recapture its ranking as the top handgun maker in the United States from Sturm, Ruger & Co. Springfield-based Smith & Wesson had been the handgun sales leader in the early 1990s. Its rival in Southport, Conn., took the top spot after Smith & Wesson signed a safety deal with the federal government which many customers believed curtailed their... (

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